NYE Crazy Wonderland Party at the Koepelkerk Church

Crazy Wonderland NYE Party at the Koepelkerk Amsterdam. Step into the enchanting world of craziness and happiness. Enter a world, where time has no meaning, and meaning makes no sense.

For the last 10 years Lloyd & Acardi has been organising the biggest theme parties in Amsterdam

This year Mr Lloyd came together with Mrs Acardi at the gardens of Babylon whilst drinking some small perfumed green drink and eating some neon pink pastries. They decided to be rather creative than selfish. This year it was about time to raise the bar and let their inner talking-bunny take over time and reality.

5 different Area’s in the Koepelkerk will bring the full Crazy Wonderland experience to Amsterdam during New Year’s Eve on the most absurd night of all times;

  •  The Wicked Ballroom by Miss Bunty
•  Mad Tea Party by the Mad Hatter
•  World of Balloons by Into the fruits
•  The Eclectic Gardens
•  Flamingo Cricket Room

Crazy Wonderland, A mad crazy wonderful idea!


White rabbits, Funky Alices, Timeless Clocks, Mad Hatters, Croquet playing Flamingos, Red Queens, Dodgy Twiddles, Kings of Hearts, Cheshire Cats, Catterpillars, lots of Dodos and more and more Madness.

DJ’s & Acts

5 different Area’s in the Koepelkerk will bring the full Crazy Wonderland atmosphere
to Amsterdam during New Year’s Eve on the most absurd night of Amsterdam.

The Wicked Ballroom
“Crazy Chaos Atmosphere”

Hosted by
The Red Queen AKA Miss Bunty

Wicked Miss Bunty
Bart Thimbles
Sheila Hill
Mike Scot
Frederik Abas

Mad Tea Party by Levante
Live Music & Strange tea party conversations

Hosted by
Eva Bartels, Merante, Jazzy Derk & Amadeus

Jazzy Derk (Live set)
Eva Bartels

World of Balloons
Balloons & Fruits. What else?!

Hosted by
Into the Fruits

Guy Gravier
Carte Blanche
Pierre August
Two Minds

The Eclectic Gardens
Sweltering RnB Classics & Greatest Hits of the past

Deniz Alpay Hitmeister D

Flamingo Cricket Room

Playing Flamingo Cricket with
the most strange figures you have ever seen.
Find the Rabbit Hole that leads you to the green dungeon of
Grass were the biggest golf-dreams come true and
hedgehogs are the biggest competition.


Hurry Rabbit (early bird)
€  66,02
Mad Hatter Dinner Tickets
(Walking dinner)
€  55,00
Mad Hatter Dinner + Party Tickets
(Walking dinner)
€  121,00
Second Release €  72,51
Third Release €  77,11

Book your tickets here

For VIP Tables

Sitting Tables on Balcony. Standing Tables in main hall.
Please contact vip@lloyd-acardi.com

Tired of blockbusters? Check out the underground cinemas in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam may seem like a touristy place, but it also has a vibrant underground and alternative scene.

So, next time you get tired of Hollywood blockbusters, make sure to check Jeffrey’s Underground Cinema!

American­born Jeffrey Babcock organizes movie screenings in various venues of Amsterdam: each day of the week the cinema is in a different space. Some screenings are free and for some of them you need to buy a ticket that costs as low as 2 or 3 euros.

Jeffrey’s Underground Cinema has been running for 9 years!

The idea behind the cinemas, as it happens with all good things, is quite simple: to gather together around a movie. Jeffrey introduces the movie and is available for discussion afterwards. The small sizes of the venues favour a sense of intimacy and friendship.

“What I’m trying is to get people back together again”, says Jeffrey for Amsterdo, “to experience things and dream together. Watching a film is like being in a dream and I think it is very important to be in a whole room with people going through that experience together. And of course it is very important that people stay afterwards and discuss the movie, that there is a social interaction going on.”

He is critical with the art house cinemas in Amsterdam, which he considers too tied to business, with some exceptions, like Kriterion, which is run by students.

Jeffrey came to Amsterdam when the city looked a lot different. “I saw here in Amsterdam so much culture that was disconnected from business, in terms of cinema and everyday life, and I wanted to keep that alive”, says Jeffrey Babcock. “I see myself refusing to be incorporated into the mainstream commercial business model. That’s why I created a series of cinemas throughout the city.”

Sounds interesting? Go to one of the most popular alternative spaces where Jeffrey shows movies – such as De Nieuwe Anita or OT301. There you can pick up the flyers for the next week or ask Jeffrey to sign you up for his mailing list!


You might be familiar with C Taste, the restaurant where you can enjoy your food in a different way. In the dark that it! The owner recently introduced a new concept; CtheCity. CtheCity lets you explore Amsterdam in the dark in an one hour tour. The blind tour guide will guide you through a small version of Amsterdam, where you can recognize and experience the unique features Amsterdam has to offer. The tours are suited for different kinds of occasions, for a visit with friends, family, business partners but also for educational purposes.

Offering their guests a truly unique experience is not the only mission of CtheCity. The founders, Sandra and Bas, aim to train 144 blind or visual impaired people in their specially designed Ctalents program in order to successfully employ these talents in commercial business.

Curious to experience CtheCity yourself? You can buy your tickets at website.

Ctaste / CtheCity
Amsteldijk 55 – 52
1074 HX Amsterdam
020 675 28 31

Claustrophobia The Newest Escape Room in Amsterdam

Wether you’re looking for something fun to do with friends or colleagues or for your not-so-usual tourist attraction; Escape Rooms are the place to be. You’re getting locked up in a room and by solving problems and out of the box thinking you have to escape within 60 minutes. Located in the centre of Amsterdam, next to the Scheepvaartmuseum, you can find Claustrophobia, the newest Escape Room in Amsterdam

claustrophobia creators (1)

The owners have been working for months to create the most fascinating experience for its visitors. Claustrophobia lets you experience the dream of a little girl named Matilda. Normally her dreams are always happy, but not this time. By solving mysterious, riddles and by using creative thinking you can wake the girl up out of her dream. The tricky part? You have exactly one hour to do so!

Claustrophobia is a true unique experience full of unexpected twists and fun mysteries. Will you escape in 60 minutes? For more info click here


How a Secret Product from Amsterdam will rank Startups

TNW Index is the new Product being build as we publish by the good peeps at The Next Web Amsterdam.

The TNW index in a sentence: A public Klout score for Companies

The Index will be the tool used by amongst others tech publishers worldwide to rank startups on many factors, decide who to and who not to write about, invest in and trust.

The Next Web is keeping some secret features, so stay tuned for more…. or sign up for the beta here


The Product We’ve Been Secretly Working On: TNW Index.


Stay tuned on the latest Tech Stories from Amsterdam:

Absolute Yoga

After becoming a big hype in the United States, thanks to celebrities like Madonna and Jennifer Aniston, hot yoga is gaining popularity in the Netherlands. The traditional hot yoga, also known as bikram yoga, is a series of 26 postures practiced in a room heated to 40 degrees. It promises plenty of health benefits like stress reduction, better overal fitness, more confidence and strength. I was invited to try the hot yoga classes at Absolute Yoga in Amsterdam. Absolute Yoga can be found at the Overtoom and with it’s big pink letters it’s hard to miss. Read more for my experiences with this studio.

The classes

At the studio you can choose from several classes, consisting of 60 minutes or 90 minutes. I started with the Hot A 90 minutes, this is the signature hot yoga class from the studio. The class consists of 50 poses practiced in a room heated to 40 degrees. You can also choose the Hot B yoga, that is almost the same as Hot A only it consists of 26 poses practiced twice. Personally I preferred the Hot A yoga classes, because of the variety of the poses. The studio also offers other classes different than the Bikram Yoga. The Absolute Fit lesson, for example, incorporates yoga postures into a real workout. You practice for 60 minutes in a pre-heated room. The room will not be as hot as the ones from the other classes, but trust me you’ll get sweaty. I can definitaly recommend this workout based on the strenghtening poses from yoga. Finally they also offer some really nice Flow Yoga that can be practiced both in a preheated room or in a room on ‘normal’ temperature. The teachers are professional and will motivate you to give that extra inch. The lessons are basically any hour of the day, making it so much more easier to step in and enjoy a class. What I love most about practising Hot Yoga is the total feeling relaxation, of clearing your mind. Yes, the lessons can be though, but the feeling you get from practicing can be really rewarding. Your body will thank you for it as well, giving you strength and flexibility.


The studio

One thing I really love about Absolute Yoga is the atmosphere. The moment you walk in you can feel yourself calming down. In the little tearoom you can enjoy a coconut water or healthy snack before or after class. The two studios are light and comfortable with wooden bamboo floors and big mirrors. You only have to bring your yoga-clothes and a towel for the shower and you’re ready to go. The atmosphere they wanted to create also translates into the comfortable dressing rooms. With lockers, showers, make-up products and even plastic bags for your sweaty after-class clothes  they really thought of everything to make your class even more pleasant. Tip: If you’re taking  a class in summer definitely try the outside rain shower.


The first time Hot Yoga

The first time trying hot yoga can be a little nerve-wracking not knowing what to expect. The best is not to eat 2/3 hours before class and drink plenty of water. Don’t give up after your first time, it took me at least 3 lessons to really get into it without needing to rest on my yogamat half of the time. The teachers are really professional and will always ask wether there are new students or wether there are any injuries. The best about being a first time student though, is that you can try the frist class with a 50% discount!  Wheter you come here for a good workout, or to totally clear your mind the classes it Absolute Yoga will do it for you. For more info about Absolute Yoga click here.

Absolute Yoga
Overtoom 230
1054 HZ Amsterdam

Amsterdam from a Drone

Amsterdam from above and an impressive #Amsterdam sunrise captured by the drone. Film by Ibo Orgut.

Events in January

Even though it’s cold outside that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of things to get up to in Amsterdam. Drop into a cosy bar for a warm drink, attend some of the best festivals, or see some of the finest gigs and dance events. Whether it’s rain, snow or shine you’re sure to find something fun going on in Amsterdam.

January 2015

Amsterdam light festival // Nov 27 – Jan 18

Take a foot tour of illuminated Amsterdam featuring thousands of dazzling lights and light installations littering the city. Alternatively make a night of it and opt for a boat tour along the canals which usually includes food and drink.

Amsterdam International Fashion Week // January 16-26

Under the title ‘Downtown’ Fashionweek Nederland organises events that are accessible by the public. Celebrating art, culture, dance, theatre, music and of course fashion. Check fashionweek.nl website for ticket prices.

Realisme @ Passenger Terminal Amsterdam // January 15-18

A huge annual art fair that presents works by Dutch and international artists who work within diverse mediums. The art fair mainly focuses on art dedicated to figurative and realistic genres. Tickets are €11,50 for adults and €7,50 for children.

Whiskey Weekend @ Posthoornkerk // January 16-17

The Posthoornkerk in Amsterdam gets transformed into a tasting room for whiskey lovers. The event also includes whiskey friendly cheeses, Scottish products, cigar smoking and more. Tickets are €37,50.

National Tulip Day @ Dam Square // January 17

Pick your own tulip for free at Amsterdam’s Dam Square to celebrate the start of Dutch tulip season. A huge temporary garden created by Dutch tulip growers is constructed with over 200,000 tulips ready to be picked.

Jumping Amsterdam @ Amsterdam RAI // January 23-26

An event for equestrian lovers Jumping Amsterdam attracts world class riders and Olympic champions with dressage and show jumping competitions, team challenges for new riders and special events. Tickets start from €15 for adults and €10 for children.

Grauzone Festival @ Melkweg // January 30-31

Spread out over the Melkweg’s three stages with over a dozen live performances, Grauzone festival celebrates the best in new wave music, art and film. Offering anything from synth pop, electro, darkwave, death rock, post punk and more.

KLM and Airbnb Partnership Kick Off

Airbnb and KLM – Royal Dutch Airlines will go into a long term partnership. With synergies of connecting people around the world, both brands have complimentary product portfolios offering flight with accommodation.

KLM and Airbnb kicked off this partnership with a limited-time KLM aircraft apartment at Amsterdam Airport Schipol. A family from Rotterdam with four-year-old twin boys got to experience the inside of a real airplane for the first time. Another couple from Rome celebrating the husband’s birthday got to cook in the airplane gallery and two young ladies from Jamaica and US respectively got to reunite in Amsterdam after many years.

KLM and Airbnb Partnership Kick Off.

Amsterdam’s New Year’s Parties 2014/15 and Win Tickets

Celebrating New Years in Amsterdam is a night you won’t forget, whether you’re looking for dance parties or something a little quieter, here’s a selections of some of the best events for New Year’s in Amsterdam.

And Win Tickets to the Awesome Moulin Rouge Event 

Awakenings NYE Special

Where: Gashouder Westergasfabriek

When: 20.00 – 6.00

Price: €49,50

Line-up: Carl Cox, Jon Rundell, Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink, Pan-Pot and Nicole Moudaber.

Highlights: International DJ line-up, indoor fireworks display and 3 hour set by Carl cox



Oud & Nieuwe Bij Pllek

Where: Pllek

When: 18.00 – 3.00

Price: €49.50 dinner and party | €27.50 children’s three-course dinner and party | €7.50 simple children’s dinner and party | €20 party presale | €25 party door.

Line-up: DJ Marcelo Umana, DJ duo 2CV and surprise acts.

Highlights: Dinner, live entertainment, DJs, Special children’s dinner, activities, face painting, oliebollen decorating and fireworks



Encore NY3

Where: Melkweg

When: Midnight – 6.00am

Price: Early Bird €35 | Regular €40

Line-up: MC Marboo, Sophie, FKJ, Jarreau Vandal, Waxfiend, SMP, DJ Moortje and more.

Highlights: Three rooms representing a different era of Hip-hop and R&B.



Paradiso Glitterazzi Bash

Where: Paradiso Main Hall

When: 22.00 – 5.00

Price: €35

Line-up: DJs Doppelgang, Bramsterdam & Big General, Wannabe a Star, DiscTwins, DJ-duo Grumpy Old Men, Maask, Van God Los and more

Highlights: Glamrock and Glitter with live performances, disco and club music.



Escape New Year’s Eve Party

Where: Escape

When: 21.00 – 5.00

Price: €65

Line-up: Roul and Doors (Defected/Flamingo), Raymundo, Marc Benjamin, Carita la Nina, Frederik Abas and more.

Highlights: Huge line-up of DJs spread out over Escape’s many levels with House, urban, tech/minimal and 80s, 90s & 00s.




Where: Heineken Music Hall

When: 21.30 – 6.00

Price: Regular €56,50 | VIP €100

Line-up: The Partysquad, The Flexican & Sef, Feestdjruud, Dirtycaps, Girls love DJ’s, Sem Vox, Abstract, Fs Green and more.

Highlights: Cross over mix between hip-hop, house, electro and more




Where: Trouw

When: 22.00 –

Price: €40

Line-up: Motor City Drum Ensemble, Mr Ties, Interstellar Funk & Robert Bergman, Jorn Liefdehuis and more.

Highlights: Trouw is sadly closing in 2015 so get in and enjoy it while you still can.



Het Grote Huisfeestje Roest

Where: Amsterdam Roest

When: 21.00 – 6.00

Price: Presale €35 | Door €40 | Group of 5 €120

Line-up: Singlefeestje, DJ D-Rok, Jules de la Courgette, Phacts, Paulo Santo and more.

Highlights: House Party + Clubbing, beer filled bathtubs, sofas, personal DJ stations.



Tolhuistuin New Year’s Eve

Where: Tolhuistuin

When: 19.00 – late

Price: €55 Dinner, show & club night | €20 Show only | €20 club night presale | €25 club night door.

Line-up: Gallowstreet Dj’s: KC The Funkaholic, Mr. Speak, Mr. Mendel, Mike Mercy, Joey Switch, Jungle By Night Soundsystem, Hotmamahot and more.

Highlights: Dinner (19.00 – 22.30) and show by Amsterdam based crew ‘Jungle by Night’ at (22.30- 23.45) then clubbing and dancing from 23.30 with soul, R&B and tropical disco.



Era New Year’s Eve

Where: Sceepsbouwloods NDSM Wharf

When: 22.00 – 6.00

Price: Standard €35 | Late €40

Line-up: Blawan, Luke Slater, James Ruskin, Marcel Fengler, Function LIVE, Mike Parker, Psyk

Highlights: Festival with lots of techno, tech-house and deep house


Loveland New Year

Where: Mediahaven

When: 21:00-06:00

Price: €47.50

Line-up: De Sluwe Vos, Nuno Dos Santos, Aril Brikha, Audiojack, Ben Sims, Egbert, Guy J, Job Jobse, Max Cooper and more.

Highlights: Dancing, DJs and lots of people to share in the atmosphere.



Midnite Burlesque

Where: Paradiso Upper Hall

When: 22.30 – 5.00

Price: €35

Line-up: The Busquitos, Charley Rhythm, Dionysius and more

Highlights: Retro vibe with burlesque acts, live music, and DJs.



The Dylan New Year’s Eve

Where: The Dylan Hotel

When: 23.30 – late

Price: €75 (order by email events@dylanamsterdam.com)

Line-up: DJ & Pianist

Highlights: Classy New Year’s Eve party with lots of champagne, cocktails, snacks and entertainment at the luxurious boutique hotel ‘The Dylan’.



Welcome to the Future

Where: Studio 80

When: 23.00 – 5.00

Price: €30

Line-up: DJ TLR, Palms Trax, Mic Mills & Babicka, Presk.

Highlights: International DJs from far and near.




Where: Ziggo Dome

When: 20.00 – late

Price: €60

Line-up: Coone, Crypsis, Geck-e vs Geck-o, Headhunterz, Noize Suppressor, Thera, Day-Mar, Festuca

Highlights: Largest and most bizarre New Year’s rave presented by Q-Dance featuring freaky live shows, hard style tunes and more.



De Happening

Where: Jimmy Woo

When: 22.00 – 5.00

Price: Presale €45 | Regular €50

Line-up: Illumininati AMS, Vic Crezee, Lyrical Tie, Jaziah, Fs Green, Mc Fit, Sir Oj, Jeff Solo and more.

Highlights: Deeps house, techno, UK bass, hip-hop and more.




Where: Zuiveringshal Westergasfabriek

When: 21.00 – late + After party on 1 Jan from 16.00 – 3.00

Price: Early bird €35 | Regular €45

Line-up: DJ collective with Eelke Kleijn, Olivier Weiter, Arjuna Schiks, Miss Melera

Highlights: Deep house, techno, electronica, tech house.




Where: Westerunie + Transformatorhuis/ Westergasfabriek

When: 22:00-06:00

Price: €42,50

Line-up: Benny Rodrigues, Tom Trago, Boris Werner, MikeyNice, SUNNY, Kris Kross, Dirtcaps and more.

Highlights: Lots of DJs and dancing. This will be the last ever Apenkooi edition.



The Moulin Rouge New Year’s Eve

Where: Le Société Boheme/ Koepelkerk

When: 21.30 – 5.30

Price: Early bird €65 | Regular €75

Line-up: Joshua Walter, Miss Bunty, Frederik Abas, Mike Scott, Quinten 909, Andy Chunes and more.

Highlights: Live bands, circus acts, fire shows, absinth bar, aerial performances, cancan dancers, pin-up burlesque hostesses and opera singers. Dress code: Montmartre Bohemians

Kiss Me, Stupid

Where: Club Air

When: 22:00-05:00

Price: Early bird €30 | Regular €39

Line-up: Roog, Mitchell Niemeyer, Mr Belt & Wezol, Michael Mendoza, Alpharock, Yax.x, Mr V.I.

Highlights: 1920’s throwback with champagne pyramids and DJs.



NYE Full Moon Party

Where: Winston Kingdom & Belushi’s Amsterdam

When: 20:00-05:00

Price: Early bird €25 | Regular €30

Line-up: DJ’s Baltic Bastian & L-Dopa

Highlights: Black lights, body paints, drinks served in plastic buckets with DJs playing indieelectro, disco beats, deep house, alt pop, urban and more.



Club 54

Where: Club NL

When: 23:00-06:00

Price: Early bird €25 | Regular €30

Line-up: TBA

Highlights: A type of Studio 64 in Amsterdam with DJs and some ‘sexy entertainment’. Dress code: glamour and high fashion


Lobi NYE

Where: Sugar Factory

When: 00:15-06:00

Price: €35.

Line-up: Walter Looks, Sebastiaan Sleebos, Sunny, Danny Double, Mia More

Highlights: Chilled out vibe with 90s and early 00s R&B



Jiggy x Nachtschade NYE Special

Where: Bitterzoet

When: 22:00-late

Price: €59

Line-up: DJ Turne, Mickster, Cruzito, Man!e, Urvinho & Faya plus more.

Highlights: Old and New school hip-hop, R&B and electro. All inclusive ticket with free champagne, drinks and midnight fireworks.



Spark NYE

Where: Chicago Social Club

When: 23:00-05:00

Price: €35.

Line-up: TBA

Highlights: low-key vibe with no dress code.


NYE – Win Tickets for the Epic Moulin Rouge Party With Drinks

On the 31st of December the great yearly NYE by Llord Acardi: Moulin Rouge will rock Amsterdam for a night….

Amsterdo readers can win a 4 free ticket with VIP table and drinks included!

The Moulin Rouge New Year’s Eve – La Société Boheme sees Lloyd Arcardi bring all the glamour and debauchery of fin-de-siècle Paris to Amsterdam’s Koepelkerk, the historic copper-domed church by the Singel, with live bands, circus acts, fire shows, aerial performances, cancan dancers, opera singers and pin-up burlesque hostesses. There is a strict dress code – think Montmartre bohemians, courtesans and absinthe-reliant painters, actors and poets. 21:30-05:30, tickets: €65 (early bird)/€75.

Dress code: Burlesque and Smokey’s 1920s….

Enter the contest and the winners will be announced on the 28th of January !


The WinterParade is the smaller indoor version of  theatre festival the Parade, which travels through the Netherlands each summer with its colorful theatre tents. Despite the colder season, the winter edition is not less colorful, offering a wild mix of performances and interactive fun.

image-2014-12-21 (1)

The audience of 500 people will be seated at a giant table of 120 meters long, enjoying food and diverse performances combined of theatre, dance, poetry, art, music and culinary delights, cooked by our chef André Amaro.

Then last but not least, expect the all-time favorite Silent Disco. A perfect plan if you want to spend the festive season in a way that’s a bit different. The concept was originally conceived for the New Island Festival in New York by the Parade-founder Terts Brinkhoff. Please note: performances are mostly in Dutch.

image-2014-12-21 (2)

The travelling festival can still be enjoyed until the 28th of December in the Zuiderkerk, for tickets and more info click here. On the 22th there will be a special edition, on this night there will be an auction to raise money for SOS Kinderdorpen. After the festive nights in Amsterdam, the Winterparade will visit Haarlem (2 and 3 January) and Den Haag (14th of February). For more info and tickets click here




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Get the Essential Checklist For Renting a House in Amsterdam, What You Need To Know
Finding a room, a studio or a flat in Amsterdam is not easy. Amsterdo will email you the checklist of what you need to know when renting in Amsterdam
  • Where to look for good rentals
  • What to do when it goes wrong
  • How to get the house you want
  • What are your rights as a tenant
  • Finding & choosing Housemates
  • Moved in, then what...?
  • and much more amazing tips that rock
  Amsterdo hate spam and will never share your details.