• Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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  • The 21st Century Museum:

    A new frontier for the 21st Century Museum and the world citizen. A place where cultures meet? How can museums build bridges both within and beyond societies?

    De Balie will present on the first Sunday of June this unique event as part of the program of the Forum on European Culture “Act for Democracy!”. Artists, thinkers, and experts are gathering in Amsterdam to brainstorm and express their toughs on the future of museums.  This is definitely an event where any professional in Leisure and Culture Management should assist.

    The Contributors on the 3rd of June that will be present are the following: Hissa al Dhaheri Deputy Director of Louvre Abu Dhabi, Reem Fadda Independent curator based in Ramallah and Salama al Shamsi of the Zayed National Museum.

    “Museums over the world struggle to become more culturally diverse ranging from their visitors, programmes, and exhibitions, to the management teams of museums and cultural organizations. How do museum professionals deal with this struggle? And how can museums build bridges both within and beyond societies?” quotes the culture forum.

    It continues quoting that…

    “An interesting example is The Louvre Abu Dhabi, which opened its doors for the first time at the end of 2017. The museum aimed at being a true ‘universal museum’ – a term that refers to famous museums with collections of art and cultural items from around the world. This is not a unique phenomenon. Western museums are increasingly looking to branch out to the Middle East…  Can we speak of an equal cultural exchange between Europe and the Arab world, which creates a greater mutual understanding between both parts of the world?”  We are looking forward to seeing the interaction and the effects in a 21st Century Museum and the world citizen.

    In Amsterdam live and work people from over 180 nationalities and is an essential concern to create stronger links between cultures. The ideas are needed to give answers to the challenges that this proposed 21st Century Museum and the world citizen are searching for.

    Would you share your opinion? If so, we hope to see you there.  For more information about the event and tickets visit www.cultureforum.eu


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