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  • 24H Amsterdam, the Nieuw-West Edition

    Offering the most unusual events, 24H Amsterdam shows the city in a completely different light. Whether you’re a traveler who’s just arrived to explore “the city of sin” or one of the most seasoned Amsterdammers, 24H will still have something to surprise you with!

    The second 2017 edition of 24H showcases Amsterdam Nieuw-West and takes place on the 13th of May.

    About 24H Amsterdam

    24H originated from the idea to explore every neighborhood of the Dutch capital more closely. As each of them has so much to offer, even people living there for years might still not know all the secrets.

    To reveal those, the five editions of 24H Amsterdam were created, each of them focusing on a particular neighborhood – Oost, West, Zuidoost, Zuid and Noord.

    Source: Iamsterdam

    In only twenty-four hours, each of the neighborhoods has to present all its treasures to the public, providing unique experiences.

    What to Do?

    24H Nieuw-West offers plenty of opportunities to choose from. There are workshops at day and parties at night, tours around the city, special theater performances, and so much more!

    Join the Giveaway Market, hunt down the Sloterplas Monster, explore the Sloten Windmill or embark on the Free Happiness Expedition. Almost 50 events are taking place in different parts of the neighborhood – check out the full list here.

    Source: Iamsterdam

    A little hint. Although 24H Nieuw-West involves multiple venues and integrates dozens of events, you will hardly stumble upon one of them accidentally. Taking that into account, we’d recommend planning your day in advance. Select the events you’d like to attend and book them if it’s possible.


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