• Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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  • 24H Noord: One of a Kind Events in Amsterdam North

    Offering unusual and uncommon events in Amsterdam, 24H shows the city in a completely different light. You can be a traveler who’s just arrived to explore ‘the city of sin’ or one of the most seasoned Amsterdammers, but 24H will still have something to surprise you with!

    At the end of October this year, the last edition of 24H Amsterdam – 24H Noord – will take place in various venues north of the River IJ, showcasing the highlights of this area in a 24-hour period.

    About 24H

    24H Amsterdam originated from the idea to explore every neighborhood of the Dutch capital more closely. The thing is each of them has so much to offer that even people living there all their lives might still not know all the secrets.

    To bring the idea to life, the five editions of 24H were created, each of them focusing on a particular neighborhood: 24H Oost, 24H West, 24H Zuidoost, 24H Zuid and 24H Noord. In only twenty-four hours, each of the neighborhoods has to present all its attractions to the public.

    Source: I amsterdam
    Source: I amsterdam

    It’s hard to find a place that’s not involved. Museums and galleries open their doors to introduce unique exhibitions. Hotels, shops and clubs throw special events. Even outdoor venues do not stay aside, organizing games and captivating activities.

    What To Do?

    24H Noord integrates dozens of events in Amsterdam North, many of which usually end up fully booked. So, we’d recommend planning your day in advance. Check out the list of all events held on October 29 and book the ones you’d like to attend (if there is such an option).

    24H presents plenty of opportunities to choose from: theater performances, outdoor games, art exhibitions, bike and ferry tours, Halloween parties, clubbing and dining out!

    Be the one to meet the dawn on the top of A’DAM Tower and watch the ferries go to sleep…


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