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  • 3 Burgers in Amsterdam That You Have to Try

    During its existence, a burger has undergone the change from a fast-food product to a high-end meal served in the finest restaurants. About 3-4 years ago, there were hardly any burger joints in the Dutch capital. Right now, there are over 1,200 of them! To make things easier for you, here is a list of TOP 3 places to enjoy tender, juicy and flavorful burgers in Amsterdam.

    Cannibale Royale

    A true paradise for meat lovers that serves delicious burgers in Amsterdam, as well as heavenly ribs and huge steaks cooked to perfection. Burger addicts should go for Le Cannibale Royale, Le Classique or try something more special and order Le Burger du Moment that is different every month.

    Source: Het Parool

    Gavan Goossen, the co-founder of Cannibale Royale, discloses that it usually takes him no more than 7 bites to finish the traditional Cannibale Royale burger. Would you dare to compete with that? Don’t think it’s easy – the portions are huge!

    In addition to a diverse menu of meat dishes, Cannibale Royale offers a wide choice of drinks, including local draft beers. A little hint: take a closer look at the menu and you will find a drink suggestion for almost every main course.

    Source: Amsterdam NOW

    Where: Handboogstraat 17A / Ruysdaelkade 149 / Lange Niezel 15
    What to order: Le Classique
    Average bill per person: €20-30

    TripAdvisor: 4.5
    FourSquare: 9.3


    Source: THE BUTCHER

    Another must-visit place for the fans of burgers in Amsterdam. Whatever your perfect burger is, THE BUTCHER almost definitely has it!

    A fan of beef? Excellent choice – there are exactly 11 different options for you. Prefer chicken, fish or lamb? Try The Butcher’s Wife Favourite, Codfather or Silence of the Lamb. Have always thought that a burger doesn’t need a bun? Go for The Ugly! And try to finish The Daddy if you dare! Make your dish complete by adding the extras you like and don’t forget about fries.

    Besides the traditional burger bars on Albert Cuypstraat, Paleisstraat and Bellamyplein, THE BUTCHER has recently opened THE BUTCHER Social Club at A’DAM Tower. The same delicious food (and even more!), a huge variety of drinks and lots of entertainment.

    Source: THE BUTCHER

    Where: Albert Cuypstraat 129 / Paleisstraat 14 / Bellamyplein 51 / Overhoeksplein 7
    What to Order: The Butcher with Cheese
    Average bill per person: €15-25

    TripAdvisor: 4
    FourSquare: 8.6

    Geflipt Burgers

    Source: Geflipt Burger

    “A burger only needs a bun to keep it together. The most important thing is what’s inside!” says Gunnar Muller, the co-founder of Geflipt Burgers in Amsterdam.

    Focusing on the meat and toppings, the restaurant serves burgers, which have such a full taste and are so complete that you will hardly need to add any toppings of your own.

    With only 5 burgers on the menu, Geflipt satisfies every taste: beef lovers, chicken admirers, vegetarians, fans of spicy food and those who are never tired of looking for something special.

    The atmosphere of the place is relaxed and perfect for Friday drinks with friends. Speaking of which, the menu abounds with draft and local beers, as well as different kinds of wines.

    Source: Geflipt Burger

    Where: Van Woustraat 15 / Bilderdijkstraat 205 H
    What to Order: Kiplekker
    Average bill per person: €15-20

    TripAdvisor: 4.5
    FourSquare: 7.6


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      June 21, 2017 at 7:01 am

      The BIergrill on the bos en lommerweg has the best Burger in AMSTERDAM, Period,!!!!!!!
      Go try it,

    • Amsterdo
      June 21, 2017 at 2:25 pm

      We’ll give it a try! Thanks.

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