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  • 5 Great DJs to Catch in Amsterdam Clubs

    With all the new technology existing nowadays, calling yourself a DJ is easy. Becoming unique and original, in its turn, takes a talent and a good ear. In this article, we are going to introduce you to a couple of great DJs and music producers to catch in Amsterdam clubs in the nearest future. These guys definitely have their own style and are able of producing the sickest tracks and redefining music!

    Source: Artist’s FB Page
    Source: Artist’s FB Page


    Elior is a 22-year-old Amsterdam DJ that found his passion for music when he was just 9. He started out as a street musician playing guitar, but one great DJ performance he witnessed at the age of 13 made him realize that DJing was his path of life.

    Collaborating his guitar skills with electronic music, he has created a unique mix between funky, afro and classic house that gets people dancing every time.

    Elior’s inspiration derives from Edu Imbernon because of his capability to combine different music types and Anderson Paak due to his strong presence and energy on the stage.

    Elior’s music gathered over 1.5 million plays on Soundcloud. He performed at popular party destinations, including Ibiza, Mallorca, Amsterdam and Tel Aviv, and played alongside with DJs like Cyril Hahn, Blonde and Moon Boots. Now his first original is being released on Armada in early 2017. On top of that, he is in the process of launching his own event-concept based on the DJ vs. live guitar combination.

    Catch him in Amsterdam clubs and don’t miss out on his performance on the NYE Party at Ripley’s Lounge.

    Source: Artist’s FB Page
    Source: Artist’s FB Page


    Starting out their passion in an Amsterdam attic studio, ANOTR have managed to become truly extraordinary! 21-year-olds Jesse van der Heijden and Oguzhan Guney are now performing at the best festivals, clubs and holiday party destinations like Ibiza and are being called “a breath of fresh air”, “producers to watch” and “future superstar DJs”. Truth be told, it’s hard to argue with that!

    ANOTR easily win the love of the audience due to their amazing music and lots of attention they give to the crowd. Their House meets Tech-House vibes are impossible to resist, and they make you dance hours away till your feet hurt.

    Source: Artist’s FB Page
    Source: Artist’s FB Page


    Delano started his DJ path 4 years ago. Before that he used to be a professional dancer with “The Kulturekids”, which let him start DJing at various dance events and competitions. After a while, Delano decided to focus on producing his own music.

    The DJ’s music style is a mix of different genres. Delano smoothly mixes up the 90’s hip-hop and RnB with the future RnB and house, and it gives a great beat to dance to!

    Delano is playing in many Dutch cities, including Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Den Haag. Catch him in Amsterdam clubs, such as Paradiso, Jimmy woo and Club Airsome

    Delano’s future is focusing on the new projects for his upcoming EP as an artist LA-NO and releasing a mixtape called “Nephw” together with Jereno Joel. Pop Ya Collar is an event-concept he has created alongside his music passion with the slogan “GOOD VIBES ONLY”.

    Source: Artist’s FB Page
    Source: Artist’s FB Page


    Wantigga has been making beats in his hometown Deventer since he was a boy. As an autodidact musician, he taught himself to play several instruments, but his interest quickly turned to electronic music and hip-hop.

    With Dilla as his role model, Wantigga combines hip-hop, bass and UK house with a thick layer of soul on top. He made a name for himself with his flips of RnB classic, which got picked up by the labels like HW&W and Soulection.

    As a part of the KLEAR family in Amsterdam, Wantigga became acquainted with the Parisian Label Roche Musique when he played together with Darius, Kartell, Zimmer and Roche Musique label-owner Cézaire. This became a new musical love affair, which resulted in Wantigga’s first ever EP “Pillow Talk” released on Roche Musique in February 2016. Wantigga has started his world domination with several Asia Tours including Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

    Source: Artist’s FB Page
    Source: Artist’s FB Page

    Jarreau Vandal

    Born in Maastricht and raised in Amsterdam, 23-year-old Jarreau Vandal grew up surrounded by sounds full of jazz, soul, hip-hop, and RnB and drew inspiration from Jamiroquai, A Tribe Called Quest, Red Hot Chili Peppers and many others.

    When the boy was 16, his grandfather, who was a music producer as well, introduced him to the music production program called LOGIC. Instantly he found his passion and never stopped to look back.

    With only a handful of releases to his name, Jarreau Vandal has already proved he has a dynamic sound that can’t be boxed into just one specific scene or genre. Providing fresh remixes with a truly new take on the originals, the DJ is at the forefront of a movement into a new sound space.

    So, that was our pick of the DJs to catch in Amsterdam clubs. We hope this broadens your horizons on the music of today. Enjoy and dance the day away!


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