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  • 5 Reasons Why Happn Dating App Actually Works

    Imagine you’re having your perfect cup of coffee in White Label, Coffee Concepts or whatever your favorite coffee spot is. And then it happens. You notice a handsome stranger right across the room, enjoying his or her morning espresso. What do you do? Nine times out of ten, you do nothing. Fifteen minutes later, the coffee is finished, the chance is lost and you will probably never see each other again. Not on the busy, winding streets of Amsterdam.

    The solution? Happn! Every time you cross paths with another Happn user, their profile shows up on your timeline, which gives you another chance to find your crush.

    Let us give you 5 reasons why it actually works.

    Reason 1: Location is everything

    With so many dating apps out there, Happn stands out from the rest due to its focus on locations. Instead of finding a perfect match across the ocean, you can get a second chance with someone living in a cycling distance from you.

    Reason 2: The two of you have something in common

    First, you cross paths in a vegan restaurant. Then your favorite coffee house. And the bar in the city center… Coincidence? We don’t think so. You probably like the same movies, both enjoy festivals and will laugh at each other’s jokes. That’s clearly meant to be!

    Reason 3: You can remain anonymous… or shout about your love

    In Happn dating app, you can either like someone secretly with a Heart button or send them a Charm to be noticed. It’s always up to you! However… no one can escape the fate. If someone you like secretly likes you back, it’s a Crush, and you should definitely add a date to your agendas.

    Reason 4: You bring dating back to real life

    Paradoxical as it may sound, Happn dating app is the end of online dating as we know it. While it gives you the chance and courage to talk to your crush for the first time, you can bring dating back to real life immediately after that. Moreover, you already have your “first date spot”!

    Reason 5: Gives you a precious second chance

    Instead of matching you with someone you might like, Happn gives you a second chance with a person you already have a crush on. Don’t blow it.

    Download Happn for free and try it out! Who knows, maybe that handsome stranger you saw in the coffee house is using it already…


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