• Thursday, September 19, 2019

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  • Join us! The Reasons to write with us are pleny:

    * It is Amsterdo, only the best  resource for all things Amsterdam! With thousands of followers on social media platforms, an active online presence and a monthly printed publication expect your writing to be enjoyed by millions!

    * What better way to get to know our beloved city than writing about it? As you research, visit and look out for the best places and stories for your pieces you will inevitably get to discover the must-go-to spots and even more excitingly: the  hidden gems of Amsterdam!

    * Work in your own time! No 9 to 5, no strict deadlines (otherwise stated). Reasons to write with AmsterDO can only get better and better.

    * Choose between working from home or from our office. If our office in Central Amsterdam is not  conveniently located for you then lean back from the comfort of your own home and the security of your own laptop and just type away!

    * We believe in creative freedom, but we are also here to help! So choose your own topics or enquire about our tailor-made assignments.

    Reasons to write with AmsterDO are far more fun when you meet us!

    AmsterDO provides you the tools to gain more experience as a writer and online blogger while being a part of a dinamic team. The city of Amsterdam is filled of weekly events. With AmsterDO you can obtain a press pass for some of the best locations, concerts and venues in the city. You can also obtain a large knowledge of online marketing. SEO, Google Adsense and Adwords and Google Analytics. In the present is very important to create a great balance between good content development and the right marketing tools to increase their reach. In a city like amsterdam, more than 15 million tourists visit our town every year. AmsterDO helps business owners to spread the word!