• Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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  • 5 tips and tricks when house-hunting in Amsterdam

    House hunting in Amsterdam can be quite the challenge, but if you’re prepared this can be an exciting and life changing experience.

    1. Budget
    You will most likely already have a budget in mind when planning your move to Amsterdam. However, are you sure you know what this includes? Rental prices can be offered either including water, gas and electricity, or excluding these extra service costs. Be careful take notice what exactly is included when someone offers you a monthly price, and beware that all inclusive does not include taxes! If you have given yourself an absolute maximum budget of 1500, and you find an apartment for 1500/month, it is very likely that the additional costs will make you surpass your budget. Be sure to keep this in mind when looking at the rental prices. Now besides your monthly rental budget, have you also already thought of your moving budget? The accumulation of costs resulting from the actual move, how much furnishing your apartment needs, a possible agency fee and where you are staying during your search can be quite a large sum.

    2. Proof of income
    Whether you have decided to move because you have found a new job, or because you want to start a new adventure abroad; proof of income is crucial! Unfortunately, this is one of the vital pieces of paper you will need before you can sign a rental contract. Please do beware, if proof of income is not required it might be an unregistered and/or illegal apartment. On top of that, the Amsterdam housing market moves at an incredibly fast pace, if you’ve got your documents at the ready you then this is definitely to your advantage!

    3. What you need VS What you want
    Amsterdam is a gorgeous city, and having one of the idyllic houses by the canal, right in the center in a family friendly area would be ideal. However, these are sought after houses that are usually very expensive. Amsterdam has beautiful houses all around the city, and undiscovered neighborhoods that could be your perfect fit. Make sure to be realistic about the differences between what you need and what you want, this way your home search will be far more productive and you will be more likely to find a home that is truly your perfect fit.

    4. Neighborhoods
    Before you even come to the Netherlands, there is plenty of information available online about its many diverse and amazing neighborhoods. Though the information available is plentiful, nothing compares to actually visiting these neighborhoods and really seeing and feeling their charm. You might read about one most popular and ‘best’ neighborhood, there is truly something special about each one of them! Don’t count anything out before you’ve visited the neighborhoods and seen for yourself what suits you best.

    5. Don’t get pushed around but don’t be naive
    Don’t let yourself be pushed into renting a property just because you feel like you are running out of time. Renting an apartment can be quite a commitment, so make sure you only say yes when you really want to, and not just because you are feeling the pressure. The market does go at a high pace and whether you got lucky or not, everybody deserves an amazing Amsterdam home, so hang in there!

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