• Monday, October 18, 2021

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  • Absolute Yoga

    After becoming a big hype in the United States, thanks to celebrities like Madonna and Jennifer Aniston, hot yoga is gaining popularity in the Netherlands. The traditional hot yoga, also known as bikram yoga, is a series of 26 postures practiced in a room heated to 40 degrees. It promises plenty of health benefits like stress reduction, better overal fitness, more confidence and strength. I was invited to try the hot yoga classes at Absolute Yoga in Amsterdam. Absolute Yoga can be found at the Overtoom and with it’s big pink letters it’s hard to miss. Read more for my experiences with this studio.

    The classes

    At the studio you can choose from several classes, consisting of 60 minutes or 90 minutes. I started with the Hot A 90 minutes, this is the signature hot yoga class from the studio. The class consists of 50 poses practiced in a room heated to 40 degrees. You can also choose the Hot B yoga, that is almost the same as Hot A only it consists of 26 poses practiced twice. Personally I preferred the Hot A yoga classes, because of the variety of the poses. The studio also offers other classes different than the Bikram Yoga. The Absolute Fit lesson, for example, incorporates yoga postures into a real workout. You practice for 60 minutes in a pre-heated room. The room will not be as hot as the ones from the other classes, but trust me you’ll get sweaty. I can definitaly recommend this workout based on the strenghtening poses from yoga. Finally they also offer some really nice Flow Yoga that can be practiced both in a preheated room or in a room on ‘normal’ temperature. The teachers are professional and will motivate you to give that extra inch. The lessons are basically any hour of the day, making it so much more easier to step in and enjoy a class. What I love most about practising Hot Yoga is the total feeling relaxation, of clearing your mind. Yes, the lessons can be though, but the feeling you get from practicing can be really rewarding. Your body will thank you for it as well, giving you strength and flexibility.


    The studio

    One thing I really love about Absolute Yoga is the atmosphere. The moment you walk in you can feel yourself calming down. In the little tearoom you can enjoy a coconut water or healthy snack before or after class. The two studios are light and comfortable with wooden bamboo floors and big mirrors. You only have to bring your yoga-clothes and a towel for the shower and you’re ready to go. The atmosphere they wanted to create also translates into the comfortable dressing rooms. With lockers, showers, make-up products and even plastic bags for your sweaty after-class clothes  they really thought of everything to make your class even more pleasant. Tip: If you’re taking  a class in summer definitely try the outside rain shower.


    The first time Hot Yoga

    The first time trying hot yoga can be a little nerve-wracking not knowing what to expect. The best is not to eat 2/3 hours before class and drink plenty of water. Don’t give up after your first time, it took me at least 3 lessons to really get into it without needing to rest on my yogamat half of the time. The teachers are really professional and will always ask wether there are new students or wether there are any injuries. The best about being a first time student though, is that you can try the frist class with a 50% discount!  Wheter you come here for a good workout, or to totally clear your mind the classes it Absolute Yoga will do it for you. For more info about Absolute Yoga click here.

    Absolute Yoga
    Overtoom 230
    1054 HZ Amsterdam