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  • A little bit of Bravoure

    This month, Emir Sergo introduces us to someone on the frontline of the creative entrepreneurship

    Patricia is that perfect combination of a dreamer and a doer – someone who can have the vision but also implement the actions necessary to make it happen. A simple idea three and a half years ago to design stage outfits for bands and artists gave Patricia and Kim a reputation of cutting edge designs and full expressive talents. In the time since then, they have come as far as presenting their range at the Amsterdam Fashion Week, the industry’s biggest event.

    This is a fantastic achievement, but not in the least surprising considering Patricia’s approach to life. She seems to
    be in a kind of flow where, although she feels the same fear of risk and uncertainty as everyone, she follows her instinct and gets things done.

    AmsterDO had the pleasure of catching up with Patricia for a cup of tea and a chat at her pop-up studio inside the former Film Museum in Vondel Park.

    Patricia, can you tell us a bit more about your label, Bravoure?

    ’’Haha, I like it when people say Bravoure with a strong accent’’

    How should I say it?
    ‘’Well, it’s French for Bravery’’
    If I had of known I would have put my French accent on.

    ‘’I like it, it sounds very strong. Well, Bravoure started three and a half years ago, because Kim and I would love to
    make a connection between music and fashion after we both did studies in fashion and media. We started to create stage
    outfits and after a while we started creating unique pieces. The interest in items of Bravoure grew, so we decided to make a collection. Now we are four collections, two Amsterdam fashion week shows and we sell to some beautiful shops.”

    Was it always your goal to get into fashion?

    “I was always super interested in, umm…what I was wearing. I had a period when I was 8 that I only wanted to wear black and I really wanted to have these cowboy boots and the earrings of my mother. I always wanted to try different things but to do something in fashion… that was not really my goal.”

    What’s happening right now in the world of Bravoure?

    “Right now I am focussing on a tour with the pieces of Bravoure. A little journey with the collection ‘Glass Nouveau’
    in the Netherlands, visiting different places, like gallery’s, for a day or a few. I will start in our studio on the 13th and 14th of October, so people can visit, see and buy the pieces. Next to this we are working on projects, like creating costumes for theatre plays.”

    Do you have any advice for any young designers looking to get into fashion?

    “Just do it. Start. You get so much energy from doing it, and getting reactions. As soon as you see someone wearing a
    piece you designed you draw a lot of inspiration and pride out of it’’

    Does Amsterdam as a city give you inspiration for your collections?
    “Yes, of course the streets are very inspirational but also buildings, the lines and shapes that you can see in them. For one of my collections, “Glass Nouveau”, I just started to draw some art-deco lines. Then when I was biking I was just seeing these lines everywhere and I started to breathe art-deco. It is how a lot of my collections start”

    What do you think of the street style here in Amsterdam?
    “I think that mainstream is very casual…and what I want to say is that I hope people take the time to decorate themselves a little more…for a special moment…for these special moments we all have Everyone has sexiness in them…it’s crazy…the practical is not always practical… People need a little bit more courage, a little bit more Bravoure!” Check out Patricias work at Bravoure.com




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