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  • A Selection of the Best Lunch Restaurants in Amsterdam

    If you are hungry and are in Amsterdam around lunch time, there are many great places that you can go to. I’ve given you some of my favorite lunch places, where you are going to get great service, great food, and the best prices.

    Fa Pekelhaaring

    This is a place to get a great warm or cold Italian lunch.  They serve great rustic pasta dishes and they use the best ingredients.  They have great service, free wifi, free board games, and even options for smaller or larger dishes.

    Bar Restaurant Barca

    For a sandwich and salad place that has the Mediterranean touch, check this place out.  It is modern and has a warm feel to it, they also have a great heated terrace.

    Uncle Wong

    If you want great Chinese for lunch, check out this place.  They serve both Szechuan and Cantonese dishes.  They offer a modern look and they serve some great squid and gamba in a pepper sauce.


    Stach ties into that great Mediterranean taste with great sandwiches and soups.  They have foods that you can sit and eat and other foods that you can take away from the shop that is upstairs.

    Chocolate Bar

    Don’t let this place fool you, they offer more than chocolate.  They have sandwiches, soups, and salads.  This is a very trendy bar with a retro design.

    Café Binnen-Buiten

    This is a sandwich joint to check out. You will find that this is a very local meet up place and there is a great terrace to hang out on here.

    Bazaar Amsterdam

    For some great Arabic food, you need to head here.  This is a place that actually looks like an Arabic temple.  Go in small groups, however, or you will not get good service.


    Has great pub food for people that love that Irish pub food.  This is your typical Irish pub, so be aware of that before you head there.

    Bakken met Passie

    This is a place that has great sandwiches and cakes.  You will find it to be a great local bakery with cakes available too.  They have great pastries and great homemade breads!

    To have a great brunch with friends, you need to head down to 9 little streets.  There are lunchrooms that make great sandwiches, have service with a smile, and have so many other great features.  This is also a great place to have high tea.


    This is a great place because they use fresh and wholesome ingredients that have giant portions.  They have a fresh interior that is always clean, and their staff is always friendly and happy. This is a great place to take visitors too and show them some great Dutch cuisine.  Try the Amsterdam cheese sandwich, the club sandwiches, and the XL cheese burger.  Also, be smart, skip breakfast so you have room for lunch here.

    Restaurant Bussia

    This place serves great Italian cuisine, while it is slightly formal, it isn’t too much.  This has the best wine list out there, great food, and true Italian food.  This is a tad pricier, so go there and enjoy a meal.

    Van Harte

    This is a great restaurant with a great rustic look to it.  They have made this a great homey feeling.  This place serves the best teas for people that love tea.  They have a great brunch and lunch menu that has some great Amsterdam sandwiches, like tuna, kroket, filet amierican, and much more.

    No Name Bar

    This is the bar without a name, but most people know it as Little Wolf.  This is a great place to get lunch and they have breakfast that they also serve all day long.  You can get a great berry-yogurt smoothie here, or even a great sandwich with soup.  This has a bit of an Asian flair to it, so go enjoy it.

    Lunchcafe Nielsen

    This is the place to get the best club sandwich in Amsterdam.  They have lots of great food, a huge menu, and some quality vegetarian options to try out.

    Pancakes Amsterdam

    For great pancakes from Dutch to Russia, try this place out.  They offer choices that are sweet, savory, fat free, high in calories, and even gluten free.  We love this place, the kids are kept busy with crayons, the price is great, and the service is fast.

    Restaurant Brix

    This is a place that serves a variety of international foods including sandwiches and soups.  They also do a large variety of hot meals like fish and chips, beef, Peking Duck, and pastas.  This is a very laid back restaurant with great service, a cute interior, and a great menu.


    For great sandwiches, salads, and soups, this is the place for you.  This is a casual place that many locals meet up at to have some great food.  The food is fast and their sandwiches are delicious.  Enjoy a great sandwich and a cup of tea for a low price.


    For that Asian fusion, try Nooch. This is a place that is fresh, modern, and casual. They have great service, great quick Asian lunches including Dim Sum and Pad Thai.


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