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  • Activities to Make Your Day by Kunstgras Events

    Event planning is tough, have no doubts about it. Whether it’s a family outing, a birthday party, a team building event – or any other occasion for that matter – it is always wise to relax and rely on professionals, and not sweat over organizing it on your own. Kunstgras Events offers tailor-made activities for any taste, group and occasion.

    To give you a better idea of what they can do, AmsterDO spoke to Daniel Mulder, partner at Kunstgras Events B.V.

    What kind of activities do you have and how many in total?

    Oh, plenty of them! I can safely say that Kunstgras Events has something for every taste. We are trying to keep it as diverse as possible. There are creative activities like caricature drawing or ice sculpture making, dance workshops, including salsa and zumba, multiple music workshops, sport and beach activities, escape rooms, city games… About 50 in total. So, everyone can find what appeals to them. And we have options for groups of any sizes, from 2 to 500 people at once. Not so long ago, Kunstgras Events organized a city game for 120 NIKE employees in Amsterdam.

    What is the most interesting one, your personal favorite?

    It’s really hard to name just one. I like creative activities, ice sculpture making or graffiti workshops, as it’s impressive what people can make out of it. You don’t expect much when someone who’s never tried ice carving before takes the instruments and gets to work. But the results exceed all expectations. It’s a shame we have to melt them! Also, the escape rooms are great. They still remain the most popular, together with the Monte Frío challenge, which is an escape room that we can organize at any location. Leaving alone the fact that you can play it wherever you want, more people can participate (usually escape rooms are only suitable for 2-7 people). Finally, there are city games – it’s always fun! We make customized games for our clients, with their own questions, directions and tasks. Great for team building, by the way.

    Source: Kunstgras Events

    You mention the ‘package deals’ on your website. How does it work?

    Package deals include multiple events, which clients can choose themselves, as well as lunch, dinner (BBQ or tapas buffet) and unlimited drinks. So, it’s the whole day activity tailor-made for your occasion. In case clients don’t want to choose activities on their own, we have quite a few package deals in our system – all that remains is to pick one. The best part is that we have recently opened our own outdoor location in Amsterdam West with free parking. It’s called ‘outdoor’ but you can always sit inside and enjoy a drink at the bar if the weather is not so nice. That is where we organize bubble football and other outdoor games. What is even better, now we have our own outdoor lasertag arena, quite unique in the Netherlands, where the recent Dutch Lasertag Championship took place.

    Is there anything Kunstgras Events doesn’t take care of while organizing activities?

    We are working hard to save our clients the headache of event planning. We organize activities all through the Netherlands and Belgium, at any location, and don’t charge any travel costs. We have partnerships with restaurants, beach clubs and various outdoor locations. We suggest people what is suitable for their occasion, combine activities together, provide lunches, dinners and drinks. We can arrange transfers too. Literally, all our clients have to do is just call us or book an event on the website and then we take care of the rest.

    Find out more about Kunstgras Events on their official website or Facebook page.


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