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  • A’DAM Tower: The Most Extraordinary of Amsterdam Attractions

    If you know something about the Dutch capital, you probably realize that taking a look at the city from above is a pretty unique experience. The old town of Amsterdam almost doesn’t have high buildings, not to mention skyscrapers. The tallest one there is Westerkerk, and it’s still not higher than a hundred meters. 85 m, to be precise.

    However, nothing is impossible, and this year both Amsterdammers and the city quests have got their chance for a bird’s eye view of the city. The opportunity was provided by ADA’M, the building of 22 stories and the biggest tower located behind Amsterdam’s Central Station.

    Despite what people might think, the tower that is now occupied by A’DAM is not a new one. In fact, it’s been there since 1971 when it started functioning as the Royal Dutch Shell company. However, it wasn’t until this year that it was fully renovated and transformed into one of the best Amsterdam attractions.

    What’s Inside?

    So, why should you visit, and what can you find inside?

    To start with, there is A’DAM Lookout that’s already gained huge popularity, even though has been opened to public just recently. The Lookout is an observation deck that provides breathtaking 360º views of the city, including the old historical part of it.

    However, it’s not just that. Atop the Lookout, there is a sensational swing positioned at the very edge that will make you believe you can fly! For now, that is the highest swing in Europe, and only that fact alone is a good enough reason to take a ride.

    Note that tickets for A’DAM Lookout and the Over The Edge swing are sold separately. While a visit to the Lookout will cost you €12,50, a ride on the swing is available for additional €5.

    Source: A'DAM Toren
    Source: A’DAM Toren

    Another part of the tower worth mentioning is the Moon restaurant. The unique thing about it is that it’s located on the 19th floor of A’DAM and slowly revolves, which enables its visitors to enjoy beautiful panoramic views of Amsterdam while having a dinner. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

    Finally, while the top of the building might seem as the most interesting part of it, the basement of A’DAM is equally amazing. That is where they have a real underground nightclub called Shelter. Come there for a truly unique experience, great music and delicious drinks!

    A great part of the tower is occupied by the Sir Adam Hotel. Two more floors are taken by the Loft, which is a luxurious penthouse. The rest of the building belongs to various bars and restaurants, including yet another panoramic restaurant called Madam.

    The Amsterdo team believes that at least one of these attractions should win your love!

    How to Get There?

    Source: A'DAM Toren
    Source: A’DAM Toren

    One of the most famous Amsterdam attractions is easily reachable by public transport as it’s located right next to the EYE Film Museum, close to the Central Station.

    To get there, take a bus, tram or metro to Amsterdam’s Central Station, follow the signs to IJ-Zijde and take a ferry that’s going to Buiksloterweg. After a very short ride, you are there!

    For more detailed instructions, follow the A’DAM Lookout link. The Lookout, as well as the Over The Edge swing, is open to visitors daily from 10AM to 10PM.


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