• Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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  • ADE rocks out at Amsterdam hangout Roest 17-19 October

    Like many of Amsterdam’s most popular haunts, Roest is the product of a creative transformation. Established on old shipping grounds, it’s quite obvious why “Rust” is its given name; however, the far-from-new characteristics of this urban locale in no way seem to put people off. With a thrift-store-clad café, spacious garden, food truck and once-shipping halls that masquerade as multidimensional venues, it’s no wonder Roest has built up such a following in just two years. But the best element by far is the generous strip of sand lining the canal. The juxtaposition of the canal beach against the modern cityscape truly makes Roest, what many people call, an Amsterdam oasis.

    Read on for an insider’s visit to Roest and get a feel for the type of hip venues where Amsterdam Music Festival (ADE) will be making appearances this month. Who ever said we can’t visit our favorite Amsterdam summer spots during fall?

    If you fancy that common man-made, devil-may-care feel of Amsterdam’s urban hot spots, you’ll definitely love Roest. It’s like a Blijburg XL. Make sure to check out Roest’s autumn agenda for upcoming gigs (like ADE!), warehouse markets and more. 
    Amsterdam Roest (on Oostenburg Island)
    Jacob Bontiusplaats
    1018 PL Amsterdam
    (Call for availability of Roest’s Sunday brunch and BBQ during the autumn season.)

    Wed-Thu 16.00-01.00
    Fri 16.00-03.00
    Sat 11.00-03.00
    Sun 11.00-01.00


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