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  • Amsterdam Canal Festival 2013


    In case you are toying with the idea of visiting Amsterdam during this summer, don’t miss out on the splendid Canal Festival or Grachtenfestival as the Dutch call it. This unique festival is held between August 16 and August 25, of 2013. The heart of Amsterdam boasts of a fine historical lineage and no wonder the UNESCO has accorded it the status of a World Heritage site in 2010. , 2010. During the festival that the city proudly hosts for ten days, western classical music and more is played at various distinct locations.

    Now the Canal Festival is entering its glorious 16th year, and this extremely successful event is expected to draw more than 50,000 visitors not only from within the Netherlands but also from around the world. Together with the unique locations, programs as well as productions, the Canal Festival traditionally offers a venue for several young and talented musicians, by providing them with every opportunity that can be a stepping stone to further their careers in the field of serious music.

    Prinsengracht Concert is a major event of the fabulous classical music extravaganza held every year by the city center canal at about the closing of the festival, this time on August 24, 2013. 2013 will witness the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra ascending the stage during their own jubilee year, in order to present a particularly celebratory program.

    Unique locations

    The Amsterdam Canal Festival is customarily held in both indoor as well as outdoor locations such as pontoons floating on the canals, aboard boats, in the many impressive 17th century houses lining the canals, as also at innumerable other unexpected locations. For the 2013 event, the program is particularly extensive, with each day of the festival bringing a vast number of performances to diverse areas of the city. This means that music will fill the public locales such as Museumplein, Bijlmerplein, Rembrandtplein, and Erasmuspark, as well as within Amsterdam’s many dazzling museums, in diverse hotels, and quite on or surrounding waters of the canals. It is even possible for you get close to the musicians while having dinner, as part of the series entitled Diner der Componisten.


    It is not solely classical music that you can hear at the Amsterdam Canal Festival. Gala events such as the Jungle by Night staged at the Marine Complex and CultureClash held at the EYE Filmuseum will focus on pop, jazz, and DJs with thrilling multimedia backdrops.

    For children and families, there is the Junior Canal Festival that offers various entertainment as also workshops held all over Amsterdam. From infants and toddlers right up till school age, kids are able to get a hands on with the many instruments and indulge in a grandstand view of live music.

    Open to everyone

    The organizers of the Amsterdam Canal Festival are particular about ticket prices being affordable to the man in the street and numerous open-air concerts remain free to the general public. Tickets can be had at the Ticketshop as well as from the festival website.


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