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  • The Amsterdam Cook Book

    Are you a fan of those fall-off-the-bone ribs they cook at THE BUTCHER? Used to starting your day with the tender pancakes from The Pancake Bakery? Can’t live without organic products by JuiceBrothers? We’ve got wonderful news for you! Now you can recreate these and over 30 other signature dishes from Amsterdam restaurants at home. All you need is The Amsterdam Cook Book to guide you.

    Cookbook Meets City Guide   

    The Amsterdam Cook Book is a celebration of the amazing food scene of Amsterdam. It features over 35 recipes from a range of the city’s finest restaurants, revealing some of the cooking techniques and secret ingredients used by their chefs.

    While the primary focus is on the dishes, The Amsterdam Cook Book is more than just a collection of recipes. It takes you on a culinary trip across the city and shares wonderful stories behind each foodie business, letting you discover all the talented individuals behind the scenes.

    International and Delicious

    Amsterdam is famed as an international city filled with innovation and creativity, which is something that reflects on its delicious cuisine. The Amsterdam Cook Book strives to capture and celebrate this diversity, featuring recipes from around the world.

    With Asian, Indonesian, French, British, Japanese, and hearty Dutch favourites adorning the book’s contents, there is a little something for everyone. Take a sneak peek at the book here!

    Practical Information

    The Amsterdam Cook Book has been a largely collaborative project carried out by culinary events company RARE, award-winning chef Justin Brown and the publisher Meze Publishing.

    It is available for just £14.95/€19.95 and can be purchased from each of the businesses featured in the book, as well as on Amazon.


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