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  • The artists of Amsterdam Dance Event 2014

    The 19th edition of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) will be running from the 15th to the 19th of October. The five day festival will host 300 individual events featuring 2000 DJs in 80 clubs. Looking at last year’s figures, 300,000 visitors are expected. Exciting opportunities await those interested in all elements of music.

    Although ADE is referred to as a festival, it is more of a music-industry conference. It is seen as the Amsterdam counterpart of renowned events such as SXSW in Austin and the Winter Music Conference in Miami.

    As a collection of events spread across Amsterdam, it might seem complicated to find your way around ADE, especially for those who are unfamiliar to the venues and artists. Don’t look further; in our exclusive report, we provide an overview of the different elements of this year’s event, taking a closer look at chosen artists, venues and activities. In this article we will take a closer look at the artists:



    Dance Classics:

    Laurent Garnier:
    640x853q=90_1500x844q=90_laurent-garnier_14165_14166_14168_229x305_90_1_0_c Also known as Choice, Laurent Garnier is a French techno music producer and DJ. He has been active for 25 years. Starting out in the Acid House movement in Manchester, Garnier moved on to the Paris nightlife. As he became one of the leaders of French dance music at the end of the 1980’s, he gained global fame, releasing nine albums and many singles, as well as countless appearances at all sorts of festivals. Garnier is seen as one of the pioneers of the dance music scene.

    16 October, 22:00-08:00: Welcome to the Future – HYTE Warehouse
    17 October, 23:00-07:00: 50WEAPONS – RADION

    Joey Beltram:
    beltram Joey Beltram is an American DJ and producer from Queens, New York. He is best known for “Energy Flash” and “Mentasm”, both seen as pioneering recordings in rave culture. Simon Reynolds referred to Beltram as having “revolutionized techno twice before the age of 21” in his book: Generation Ecstasy. Beltram has spent his years touring the globe as well as releasing countless albums. His latest well-known single is his remix of “Shanghai Spinner” by Oliver Huntemann, which made it to the Beatport Top 10 in 2009.

    18 October, 11:00-23:00: Dockyard Festival 2014 – NDSM

    DUTCH NAME: Armin van Buuren:
    640x853q=90_Armin_v_Buuren_official_2013_21477_21479_229x305_90_1_0_c Armin Van Buuren is among the top musicians of the Netherlands. He is often referred to as Gaia. A producer and DJ, he is well-known for his contributions to the progressive and uplifting trance genres. In 2011, he was appointed Officer of the Order of Orange Nassau for his services to music. Van Buuren has released five albums since 2003 and collaborated with leading names such as DJ Tiesto and Ferry Corsten. He is a regular performer at UK clubs, and often makes international appearances across Europe and Asia.

    18 October, 21:00-06:00: Amsterdam Music Festival 2014 – Amsterdam ArenA

    Names to Discover

    Ricardo Villalobos:
    villalobos Originally from Chile, German-raised electronic music producer and DJ Ricardo Villalobos is famous for his minimal techno and microhouse works. Affected by his Chilean background, he travelled around the world to expand his study of percussion. This has led to simple, yet rich-sounding productions, in line with his minimalist identity. Villalobos has released singles and remixes since the early 1990s and four albums since 2003. Villalobos has been named among the Top 100 DJS of the year by Resident Advisor in several listings.

    17 October, 22:00-08:00: Ricardo Villalobos & Friends – HYTE Warehouse

    DUTCH NAME: Kraak & Smaak:
    kraaksmaak From Leiden, the Netherlands, Kraak & Smaak are a production trio formed of Oscar de Jong, Mark Kneppers and Wim Plug. They are a promising name for the future of the Dutch electronic music industry. The trio started their career in 2001, and have released five albums as well as singles and remixes. In 2009, they were awarded the EU-sponsored European Border Breakers Award alongside The Ting Tings and Adele. Kraak & Smaak have performed all over the Netherlands, as well as at British and American festivals. In 2013, they released their third album Chrome Waves.

    17 October, 21:00-05:00: Goldfish & Bakermat Present: ADE Special – De Overkant

    Nina Kraviz:
    kraviz Nina Kraviz is one of the recent starts of the house and techno scene. Originally from Irkutsk, Russia, she entered the industry in Moscow, where she played for 2 years running at Propaganda, one of Russia’s renowned clubs. Kraviz’s unique blend of house, techno, acid and rarer genres has attracted attention to her music. Released in March 2013, her video “Between the Beats: Nina Kraviz” provoked debate on the role of feminism and sexuality in electronic music. So far, Kraviz has released 2 albums and 3 singles.

    18 October, 22:00-08:00: Electric Deluxe – Gashouder


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