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  • Go Crazy on The Amsterdam Dance Event 2017

    You can never be bored in Amsterdam. Even when the summer is officially gone, the coldness is spreading through the veins of the city, and people have no choice but getting back to their warm sweaters resting in the back of the wardrobe for a couple of months.

    Even then, there is still something fun going on in the city. In the middle of October, that is the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE).

    What is the ADE?

    The Amsterdam Dance Event is a well-known club festival held in the Dutch capital each year for five days in October. As the world’s greatest dance music event, the ADE features many of the world-famous artists, as well as promising rising stars, with the total of 2,500+ participants.

    Starting from 1996 when it was held for the first time, the festival’s been attracting thousands of music fans annually, and the number of visitors is growing from year to year. In 2017, Amsterdam expects more than 375,000 guests to arrive.

    Don’t be shocked by that number – it’s not at all surprising, considering how many great artists are coming and how diverse the ADE playlist is. There will be electro, trance, drum and bass, acid, techno, house and everything else that’s impossible to stand still to!

    Source: Amsterdam Dance Event
    Source: Amsterdam Dance Event

    Not Just a Festival

    Even though the festival itself is worthy of attention, the Amsterdam Dance Event has much more to offer!

    While having fun at night, the ADE guests do business in the daytime, and that is why the ADE conference exists. Offering different streams and session, the conference covers all sides of the music industry and provides a good platform for debating, making acquaintances and sharing experiences.

    That is where you can meet all sorts of guests: business professionals and startup owners, producers and designers, music enthusiasts and students.

    Source: Amsterdam Dance Event
    Source: Amsterdam Dance Event

    Aside from that, there is another part of the Amsterdam Dance Event, and that is the ADE Playground, offering various exhibitions, shows, workshops, movie screenings and music performances in several indoor and outdoor venues. What’s even better, the ADE Playground program is mostly free.

    When and Where?

    This year, the Amsterdam Dance Event is going to be held in the second half of October, from 18th to 22nd.

    During these five days, there will be more than 450 events held in over 140 venues around the city. Some of the locations remain unchanged from the previous years. Those include the renowned Melkweg, Paradiso and some others.

    Stay tuned for the updates on the ADE website and don’t miss one of the biggest events of the year! To get the most out of it, you can also create your own ADE account.


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