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  • Amsterdam Fotoweek

    Fotoweek is an annual festival held all over the Netherlands for all photo lovers. So whether you are a professional photographer, an amateur, or someone who simply loves taking selfies for their Facebook profile, head down to Amsterdam’s Fotoweek for inspiration. For ten days this September (12-21), Fotoweek will host workshops, exhibitions, and various other events in museums, book stores, libraries and local shops all over the city. The following are some of the events I’ll be attending:

    Better Luck With Better Pictures: A workshop where you can take your own camera with you and you will be led onto the streets of Amsterdam to take photographs. Experts will be on hand to help you through aspects such as composition, light and choice of lens. The workshop culminates in a discussion about what particular problems you had and how to fix those problems. An ideal event for anyone who has wanted to get more out of their photography.

    Happiness Lies In The Street: With the advent of social media and fantastic cameras on our mobiles, practically all of us have become photographers. This workshop centres on taking the best photographs whilst out on the street. Perfect for all you social media uploaders!

    I See, I See What You Do Not See: A photo never lies, and yet one photo can reveal different things to different people.  An exhibition where you will be shown a collection of photographs from Howard Greenberg and then you can discuss what you can see. Expect to be surprised at how many different viewpoints one image can have.

    Happiness By Searchers: A series of master-classes where you can learn how to film in 1930’s style. You can even create your own photographic films.

    AGA Workshop: The Amsterdam Graphic Studio is well known for experimenting with the fusion of analog and digital photography techniques. Here you will learn techniques such as photo etching, photo screen printing, digital fine art prints and mixed media.

    Picture Of A Generation: An exhibition celebrating a snapshot in time for 900 17-19 year olds, an exciting age when we go from being children to adults. This exhibition promises to showcase the lives of a generation of youngsters in 2014.

    The Best Things in Life: An exhibition by Maria Hermes who spent most of 2011 taking pictures of people getting married in various city boroughs. This wont be a standard wedding exhibition; Hermes has captured couples getting married in t-shirts as well as in office wear (the couple took an hour out of their work day to get married!)

    Mr. Right: An exhibition by photographer Mascha Jansen who has put together a collection of photographs of her childhood sweethearts. She also found these men in the present and photographed them. The search for Mr Right is a real quest for many women, so this exhibition promises to be very interesting

    Exposed by Bruno Bisang: Bisang is one of Europe’s most famous photographers, having worked for the likes of Vogue, GQ, Chanel and Cosmopolitan, and has photographed Naomi Campbell, Carla Bruni and Claudia Schiffer, to name a few famous faces. He is a master at capturing the female form, and this will be an exhibition not to miss.

    Studio Portrait – Look! My Happiness: For €75, have a portrait created featuring you and whatever (or whoever) it is that makes you happy. This will also then be exhibited, so this is your chance to become part of an exhibition! Take your pet, family member, friend, your latest iPhone……whatever it is that makes you happy right now. I’ll be taking my 5 year old cat, Isha 🙂

    There are many more events happening at Fotoweek, full listings are here: http://www.defotoweek.nl/programma

    Oh yes, and don’t forget to join the Instagram Selfie Action; take a selfie with your eyes shut to win a prize! And then upload to Instagram or Facebook with the # Fotoweek2014 tag. Winners announced on 22nd February via Facebook. Good luck!


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