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  • Amsterdam Gay Pride

    Gay Pride in Amsterdam is one of the biggest celebrations which focuses on equality for gay, lesbian and transgender. Amsterdam Gay Pride will be held starting on July 27th and ending on August 4th.


    Amsterdam Pride 2013

    The city of Amsterdam is famous for its liberal open-mindedness and for many years now has encouraged a safe and welcoming environment for the LGBT community, both for those who visit and those living in the city.



    The Amsterdam Gay Pride Celebration is still one of the largest of its kind in the world. The top 100 survey for the 2011 Response shows that Gay Pride is the largest recurring event in the city of Amsterdam. Gay Pride usually takes place on the first weekend of the month of August each year and over 350,000 participants as well as visitors decide to play and stay in Amsterdam. The city has plenty of events, both in straight and gay venues, anything from film festivals to dance parties, culture and sporting events and more. The theme for the celebration in 2012 was “On the Move” which focused on homophobia in the world of sports and it gave a voice to gay sportspeople and sports clubs from the world. If you need more information on the Gay Pride Celebration visit www.weareproud.nl.


    Whatever Floats Your Boat

    The parade throughout the canal is the centerpiece of the celebration where several lavish barges give the exact meaning to the term float. There are a total of 80 vessels which go to the canals on Saturday and those vessels liven up the atmosphere with DJs as well as some fun themes. The smiles on the boats always please every spectator on the banks of the Amstel River. The event is now more popular than it has ever been.

    As of 2012, the event is more popular than ever. There were a total of 188 organizations and groups which applied for one spot in the parade. 2012 was also the first and only time that a boat from Turkey participated in the parade. The boat represented close to 20,000 members of the LGBT community in the country with Turkish descent. Some smaller boats also joined the party in the mouths of canals and on the canal walls.


    Other Gay Pride Events In Amsterdam

    Every year, events like the Drag Queen Olympics which include handbag discus, tug of love and the stiletto sprint take place. Keep in mind that the athleticism of the participants is just as important as the looks. Everyone is welcome at this event which takes place at the Homomonument. Another event which you will be able to see and participate in is the Tears of Pride March which in 2012 took place from Mercatorplein all the way through the Homomonument. This event is the more serious side of the LGBT pride. There is an impassioned display which shows the solidarity of the community in Amsterdam.

    Of course, the Amsterdam gay pride events are open to everyone, male and female are welcome and as always the ladies can head to Saarein or the L meeting point. That is the center of lesbian pride during the events. The IHLIA also hosts events. There is also the Gay Archive for the city of Amsterdam which is located on the 6th floor at the public library. For the more mature audiences, you can find performances in the Grey Pride Programme while other events are enjoyed by spectators of all ages.

    Image: Paul Vreeker


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