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  • Amsterdam Pub Crawl by Invasion


    Like Las Vegas in the US, and Bangkok in Asia, Europe also has a Sin City: Amsterdam! Visitors come to Amsterdam with many things in mind and are out to invade our fine city for its culture, the coffee shops, the night life, the red light district, the museums or the many festivals that always seems to go on here. And Invasion is the one organization that encourages this tendency and guides you to what you like to do best as they are experts at it and have been at it for many years. However, whatever your reason to visit Amsterdam, you have come to the right place for what you cannot find in Amsterdam is not worth finding.

    Our mission

    We at Invasion considers it our mission to bring together all fellow invaders by aiding them to form new friendships and as well as advance social cohesion, in order to make certain that the Invasion journey is something that fosters happy, ever enduring memories as well as friendships, to last a whole lifetime. Invasion, by the way,
    is an international organization, present in all major continents on earth and as such are pros at promoting marvelous, fun filled and treasured experiences.

    Sin City

    It goes without saying that a Sin City is full of people who love fun and frolic. This is exactly why Amsterdam is flooded with dazzling lights and vibrant music particularly during nights. The proof is the hundreds of night clubs, bars as well as party floors that seem to abound here. The dance floors are ready at any time all through the night drawing all those who pass along a street. There you need no cause or even excuse to celebrate, instead can come right in whenever or wherever you feel like.

    All nights party nights

    As the invaders don’t need to wait for an occasion to dance, all their nights are party nights. If you happen to love fun and partying, then Amsterdam is just the place you are looking for. Often, persons who are on some summer job or holiday, might find the expenses connected with painting the town red unaffordable, and the bars and the night clubs might remain a pipe dream.

    Affordable package from Invasion

    But not so with the Invasion group. We offer you two things: an affordable holiday package as well as a summer job offer. Thus with one stroke, Invasion lets you enjoy your Amsterdam nights without worrying about little things called money. This special package is called Amsterdam Pub Crawl 2013, and includes discounts on visits to six of the finest bars and night clubs of Amsterdam. Lovers of food also are not left out of the package.

    You get your free Jaeger, vodka, or shot of tequila in selected bars enabling you to save some cash while you are at it. The package also comes with a dandy invasion bar crawl T-shirt. As an added bonus, you get free entry to a fine night club as also tour guides who are party loving. And you can get all these for a low, low 20 Euro.

    For booking your pubcrawl please visit www.invasionpubcrawl.com


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