• Thursday, October 28, 2021

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  • Amsterdam: Region Day Ticket


    There is no better way to explore the city of Amsterdam as well as the surrounding areas than by purchasing an Amsterdam and Region Day Ticket. It is essentially a specially prepared, highly economical 24-hour pass, intended for traveling by public transport viz., trams, metros and buses.
    Amsterdam and the greater metropolitan area.

    The greater Amsterdam region provides a whole lot more than the many sights of the great city alone. The sky is the limit, if you are armed with an Amsterdam and Region Day ticket, as it enables you to discover the exciting beaches of Zandvoort, the interesting Aalsmeer flower auction, the savoury Edam’s cheese market, as also the picturesque traditional villages such as Zaanse Schans and Volendam. The moment you buy this ticket, you are provided gratis with an authentic copy of the Public Transport Guide for The Amsterdam Region. It is a PDF file that is full of sightseeing highlights and a whole array of useful tips, that makes your travel easy and highly enjoyable.

    Where to buy a ticket?

    The cost of an Amsterdam & Region Day Ticket is an economic €13.50 and is readily available with all Visitor Information Centers spread around the city of Amsterdam, certain selected campsites and hotels as well as ticket booths of every public transport organization, that are part of the deal including:

    EBS Tickets & Info: Amsterdam Central Station at IJ River side, Hoorn Central Station, Edam bus station, Purmerend Tramplein.

    GVB Tickets & Info: Bijlmer ArenA Station, Amsterdam Central Station at Stationsplein, Lelylaan Station and Zuid Station.

    Connexxion Tickets & Info: Schiphol Plaza at the Amsterdam Airport.
    How to effectively use the Amsterdam and Region Day Ticket?

    This unique and convenient ticket is fully valid for a period of 24 hours on each and every route specified in the Public Transport Guide available in PDF format. Thus it is very easy to use an Amsterdam and Region Day Ticket as explained below.

    These tickets are good for a full 24 hours. As soon as you check in on a bus, metro or tram for the first time, your ticket is automatically activated. From then onwards, any time you board or get off from any of the vehicles mentioned, you should check in and check out your ticket. These tickets remain valid on every tram, metro, as also bus lines operating under the GVB, EBS and Connexxion, not to mention all night buses.

    A word of caution: These tickets are invalid on all NS trains, the Fast Flying Ferry and Arriva bus lines.
    Now you can go out enjoy!

    In case you need more information or you happened to have a defective ticket, you can always approach any one of the sales centers mentioned above for necessary assistance.