• Sunday, December 5, 2021

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  • Amsterdam Streetstyle

    Enjoy what caught our attention this edition of Street Style:

    Celine (left)and Isaa (right) from the Netherlands:

    You can spot nice things here on the streets of Amsterdam. It’s divers.
    Celine: My style depends on my mood and on the weather ofcourse!
    Isaa: My style is though, different.

    IMG_5466 (1)

    Johan from the Netherlands:

    I like the style in Amsterdam, it’s innovative. My style is sporty and classic.


    Nadiem (right) and Kenneth (left) from the Netherlands:

    People dress more and more extraordinary these days in Amsterdam. They are not afraid to try new things.
    Kenneth: I am hipster, yet normal!
    Nadiem: I combine expensive with fun


    Augustina from Lithuania: 

    I don’t think the style in Amsterdam is really good, although there are good places. I wear whatever I like


    Pictures: Evelina Lemmers


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