• Friday, June 9, 2023

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  • Amsterdam Streetstyle

    Enjoy what caught our attention this edition of Street Style:

    Roy Nielsen and friends from Sweden:

    We find the style in Amsterdam very hip and it’s arty. There are a lot of hipsters and tourists. I buy my clothes wherever I find them, most of my clothes I get from the surfshop. You can describe my style as surfer or skater.


    Farrieda from The Netherlands

    The style in Amsterdam is more alternative than in the rest of the Netherlands. People wear more baggy easygoing clothes, like big sweaters. My style is a bit of everything. Sometimes I feel like dressing more messy, other times I feel like dressing more sophisticated. I wear what I like, but always with a touch of color.


    Bastiaan (right) and Roderick (left) from the Netherlands

    The style in Amsterdam is refreshing, but it can be better. When you look at people they might look different, but actually they’re all the same. People should stand out more.  Bastiaan: I’m just being me. I wear what I like. I am not a hipster! 



    Emanuele from the Netherlands

    The style in Amsterdam is nice. People think they are individual, but they dress all the same. I like black and leather. I like to mix with styles, like one day my style is more tough, the other day my style is more sophisticated. 



    Stephen from Germany and Sophie from the United Kingdom

    We’re not so into the style in Amsterdam, although it feels like people can wear whatever they like, it’s free. There’s a lot of diversity. Stephan: People describe my style as minimal. I wear quality items.  Sophie: Today I’m wearing this just because it’s cold. Normally my style is more street, hiphop.



    Photography: Evelina Lemmers



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