• Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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  • Amsterdam Streetstyle

    What are people wearing in Amsterdam? Tourists and locals alike, folks in this city are pretty fashion forward. Amsterdo took to the streets to find what’s hot in Amsterdam. Enjoy what caught our attention in this summer edition of Amsterdam Streetstyle:

    Akira from Japan
    ‘I think shirts in pants are cool. Also I like hats, shirts and of course my Dr. Martens’


    image-2014-08-11 (1)

    Evelyn Diaz and friend from the United States
    ‘In the summer we love jumpsuits, rompers and everything fresh. We prefer light materials.’


    image-2014-08-11 (3)

    Aurora and Sofia from Spain and Mexico
    ‘I love fasion. In Amsterdam fashion is everywhere; in the streets, in the buildings. I love jeans, hats, basically everything casual with a special something that pops out. Fashion reflects your mood’


    image-2014-08-11 (2)

    Fazekas and friends from Hungary
    ‘We don’t really look in our closet, we jus’t pick anything nice with a good fit.’


    image-2014-08-11 (4)
    Thierry from The United States
    ‘My hat and my beard are my accessoires’


    Pictures by Anastasia Malkin, for more work click here



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