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  • Amsterdam's Rivers: Nevermind the Weather

    One reason that the city of Amsterdam is famous for is its canals and rivers. Amsterdam is fortunate enough to have not just one but two rivers within its boundaries, adding a certain  natural beauty to the quality of its residents’ bustling city lives. River Amstel and River IJ are the two rivers that make their way through the lands of Amsterdam and have been a major tourist attraction for centuries.

    The rivers of Amsterdam provide an all-year-round bonanza of entertainment, relaxing atmosphere and incredible views. If you plan to visit Amsterdam during the time of summers, you can enjoy a dip in the cool waters of Amsterdam, go for water sports and even sunbathe as the sun shines on the banks of Amsterdam. Even if you visit the city during winters, there is still a lot to do. This wonderful city is decorated with lights and colours to celebrate the festivities that the season of winter brings along. So go for a cruise ride or rent a ship, sit back, sip some fruity cocktails and enjoy as the water lightly splashes against your waterproof jacket and the wind breezes through your hair.

    If you plan to spend some time near the Amsterdam beaches and savour some tantalizing Dutch food, Zouthaven restaurant is worth a visit. This restaurant is located just next to the river, giving a perfect view of the waves coming and going. During the summer, take your delicious meal on the terrace and enjoy the cool wind blowing. Not to worry though, during the cold winter, the whole dinner set-up in taken indoors. Nevertheless, the panoramic floor to ceiling windows make sure that you are not deprived of the beautiful view. That is not all. Along with the River Amstel, there are also a bunch of bars and cafes where you can sip some hot coffee during winters or a fruity cocktail when the sun finally decides to show up.

    What better than a walk along the banks of a calming river? Weesperzijde is one of the locals’ favourite spots,  providing a beautiful view of River Amstel and its surroundings. So get ready to also take in some beautiful views of the rich Dutch culture portrayed through the grand houses, little artist’s galleries and canal houses.

    Do not forget the to check out  the River IJ, where you can explore the KNSM and Java islands, a space of deserted warehouses which have now been transformed into architectural housing projects; something that you should totally pay a visit to. Loods 6, which earlier functioned as a warehouse and a passenger terminal, is now a tall building displaying art. Furthermore, small shops within the Loods 6 make a perfect option for some good shopping at reasonable prices.

    Another tourist attraction in the city of Amsterdam is its ever increasing number of bridges. These bridges some dating as early as the 17th century were not only built to help in improving the infrastructure of this city, but also to beautify it. The Magere Brug is one of the most popular bridges in the lands of Amsterdam, best known for its picturesque wooden design,  hand crafted in 1670s. And today, it is preserved in its original form. Every night, hundreds of fairy lights light up the bridge only accentuating further the spectacle and romanticism of Amsterdam’s  nights.

    When it comes to talking about rivers, how can one miss out going for a nice cruise across the crystal clear waters of River Amstel and IJ? Amsterdam, gives its visitors and locals plenty of options to have a ride across the river waters and enjoy the spectacular view that awaits them. The Fast Flying Ferry is one cruising option that you should not miss out on. Apart from this, you can also go for a relatively shorter but just as attractive trip by taking a free ferry from Central Station to Amsterdam Noord. Just a 10 minute ride from here, you will find yourself at one of the most mind-blowing underground artist studios and workshops at the NDSM Wharf. During your stay in the city of Amsterdam, be sure to make its alluring rivers your centre for all activities; you will surely not be disappointed!


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