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  • Amsterdam’s Top 5 Chocolateries

    Making chocolate is an art, the same as making perfumes, designing chic clothes or blending fine liquor. This art is assiduously followed in the many Chocolateries that abound in Amsterdam. So we went around the great hospitable city looking for the best five Chocolateries that are truly a class among themselves. Forget Lent, give into temptation!


    Het Oud-Hollandsch Snoepwinkeltje or The Old Dutch Candy Shop
    2e Tuindwarsstraat 8

    Het Oud-Hollandsch Snoepwinkeltje literally takes the cake as the embodiment of the wholesome Chocolaterie. Situated in the previously working class district of the Jordaan, it is the kind of store where locals, tourists and expats can spread out their saved up coins gleefully on the sales counter and choose mouth watering treats from the many old fashioned apothecary jars. Mariska, the owner who seems to be everywhere at the same time, is ever ready with suggestions, demonstrations, calling all the regulars by their first names. Look around and be enchanted by the distinct ambience of the place.

    Puccini Bomboni
    Singel 184

    Puccini Bomboni is a hot favourite with tourists visiting Amsterdam. Puccini’s handmade bonbons really are a product of craftsmanship. There are the time-tested flavours such as cognac, caramel and walnut with their own unique aromas and tastes, not to mention the exotic flavours of gin, tamarind and aniseed. Expect to be fully satisfied, as the spirit of adventure is aroused within you. Other chocolate delights include sprinkles as well as stock cocoa and many more. They wrap their sweeties so affectionately and beautifully in a packaging of glossy purple with a fine bow to boot, that Puccini’s bonbons are indeed a delightfully tasty gift.

    Van Velze’s Chocolaterie & Patisserie
    Eerste Oosterparkstraat 7

    The proprietress is from Ireland and the chocolates available at this incomparable establishment reflect the fact. Within its precincts, you can get chocolates sporting exotic flavours such as fennel and Guinness, sweet chilli and balsamico as well as bonbons made from Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa in the more classic flavours such as champagne, raspberry, and cinnamon. If so requested Van Velze also provides sugar or lactose free chocolates.

    Hazenstraat 25-A

    The fact that Chocolatl is a spanking new Chocolaterie does not take away anything from it, as it has become a favourite for many in no time at all. The speciality of this inimitable chocolaterie is premium chocolate bars bearing famous international brands. Here you can find anything from the renowned French chocolate maker Francois Pralus and his 100 per cent cocoa bar to Summerbird’s sets of eccentric chocolate sushi not forgetting of course the can of chocolate “sardines” created by Cluizel and Vosges’s chocolate bacon bar. The personable owner named Eric Spande is modestly humble considering his vast knowledge in regards to his rare treats.

    Unlimited Delicious
    Haarlemmerstraat, 122

    If you happen to be the kind of person who strays away from the beaten path and likes to experiment, then this is just where you want to be when thinking of buying exotic chocolate. This shop is celebrated for  their unusual bonbons such as caramel and cayenne, tamarind and sambal, as well as tamarind and sea salt. Now, can you hope for anything more out of the box!

    Of course, Amsterdam’s Chocolateries  are not limited to these five, as there are many more worth mentioning and visiting. With all this temptation around, don’t blame us if you turn into an incurable chocoholic.

    Image: David Leggett
    Image: David Leggett


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