• Sunday, November 28, 2021

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  • How apps are taking over the world of Foodies

    As Hospitality Marketing & PR professional Anne Wervelwind is constantly monitoring trends in the field of food and hospitality. Every month she will share her trend insights on Amsterdo.

    Whoever thinks of food, doesn’t necessarily think of technology. And whoever thinks of food innovation, doesn’t always think of apps. But as a professional in the food and hospitality business, as well as a profound foodie and restaurant addict, I came to realise apps are taking over the world of food(ies).

    Where you used to have stacks of cooking books and shredded pieces of paper recipes and shopping lists, you now have… an app. Most of them meant to make our lives easier. However they also enable us – food and drink fanatics – to start shopping for less money, to save all of our recipes digitally and to share our favourite wines with friends and family. Being a foodie has never been this easy. So for all of you food&drink lovers out there. Here’s my list of Must Have Foodie Apps (and I won’t leave out the wine apps of course):

    Kokenmetaanbiedingen 06

    Chefs feed
    Rather than relying on the power of the crowd Chefs Feed shows you dining recommendations from professional chefs in 23 cities. You can follow your favorite chefs and pursue their favorite eating spots, or search for specific dishes, restaurants, or locations. (not yet in The Netherlands though…)

    Foodily is basically Pinterest for foodies. You share your recipe finds from around the net with friends and followers, they do the same, and everyone gets to discover amazing new dishes. You can search by ingredient or diet type, add recipes of your own, and save your favorite finds for later.

    Koken met Aanbiedingen
    This app is your new shopping list. This app helps you to save money and time, and is a great inspiration for new recipes. On a daily basis they share recipes based on current discounts at different Dutch supermarkets.

    This app helps you make the healthiest smoothies and tells you what’s so healthy about it. A list of ingredients and instructions allows you to enjoy the best liquid fruits and vegetables and stay super healthy.

    Vivino Wine Scanner
    Vivino is basically a barcode scanner, but with wine bottle labels. You take a picture of a label and Vivino will attempt to match it. Once identified, you create an entry tied to your account with information on the wine, your own rating and ratings from other Vivino users who drank the wine before.

    Whats on my food?
    From apples and almonds to yams and zucchini, this extensive list of more than 90 foods helps you figure out which produce items are most likely to be contaminated with toxic pesticides linked to ADHD, autism, certain cancers, and other health problems.

    ATAG Kook-App
    The ATAG Cook App can think up recipes based on the ingredients you actually have at home. The app helps u reduce and measure food waste. The ultimate responsible app for all foodies I’d say.

    If you’re looking to pull off perfect cocktail, this app will guarantee your drinks are divine. The smart shaker syncs with a phone app via Bluetooth and guides you through each step of the drink-making process, telling you what and when to pour and when to stop.