• Saturday, March 25, 2023

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    Hi! My name’s Amy and I once had a huge crush on Amsterdam. I’ve spent the last 7 years walking through, tripping over, biking along, crashing my bike on, drunkenly stumbling upon, making out on, partying in, being entertained by, picking up on, crying on, losing good friends to and almost sleeping directly on these comically cobbled streets which I now know so well. After this 7 years, my crush has become a full on love affair. I came here by chance, having escaped the hustle and turmoil of  living in London. A friend had invited me to come and work, and I generally wanted to check out this famous city…

    So I did. At first I had a job but nowhere to live… which has proven a continual challenge throughout my entire 7 years here. This might be familiar to any of you that live here as an expat…it ain’t always easy.

    I began my first night staying in a hotel called “Titus” – the cheapest in town. After that, a lovely, gay Czech guy who
    I had only met two days before at my new work place offered me a couch in the east. He is still one of my greatest friends in the world. I followed that by spending three months living with another gay man (Spanish this time) and who is also now a life-long friend – you get very close to people in Amsterdam, of that there is no doubt.

    My first job was in a famous tourist restaurant, where I worked as a host. This was my first taste of the touristy side of Amsterdam and where I made some great friends who remain solid and reliable companions to this day. After a few
    years I got fired, and someone I knew had the great idea that I should become a tour guide. So I did.

    This was how I really got to know the real Amsterdam amidst all its dirty, great and amazing history. We grew together, this city and I, and I became a part of it for real. It was at this time that I realised I was totally in love…and I still am today.

    That’s why I’m giving you this – my very own column space where I am putting myself at YOUR service. In this space anyone can ask me any kind of question about this city – whether it’s to do with living here, travelling here, or just dealing with issues and problems…you can ask me anything!

    THIS IS AMSTERDAM AFTER ALL!! So here I am, ready to share or answer or advise you in whatever issue you have
    with this city.

    Whatever it is…you can just ask me…you can just Ask Amy



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