Attractions for this summer 2018 in Amsterdam

two worlds ready to prepare you for a self – discovery, between weakness and power

      First of all if you are mad about seeking new ideas of spending your time in Amsterdam, this summer you can have marvelous experiences. Breathe; as in a meditation in places like Museumplein, where art is shaped in many forms and then come in the present and feel alive in Dam Square where old and new cohabitate together.

          Ripley’s Believe it Or Not opens its doors each day between 9:00 am to 23:00 pm for fans all around the world and not only. Seems like the museum is about to teach you about finding always alternatives for every single matter in this life. When objects perceived are not what they seem but a quest for a meaning to be born around them, where illusions give you a reality, perfect valid next to the reality you already knew, then your eyes wide open experience the amazement of this thing called life. While Travel through time and enter the imagination that shaped african culture, discover the game between light and darkness with lithographs and information about Nazis era. Test what actually scares you and think if you can overcome your fears.

          How is your gravity feeling like is another question Ripley’s Believe it or Not will make you figure out an answer. After quite travel through space, feel your concrete body and shape it through an interactive way offered by two malleable red panels.

Above all did you observe a sketched line between fragility and strength as ways of expression and being? Famous paintings on leaves will entertain your eye: ephemeral art; you would say; but a method of conservation was discovered for keeping the creation impeccable through time. Is it all about the force of colours that keep on existing years more facing the fragility? Let the answer resonate within your humanity.




What triggers us as humans

in our eagerness for meanings becomes a question of awareness and sense of understanding under the roof of Body Worlds attraction, situated just a few steps away from Ripley’s Believe it Or Not.  Imagine you are sailing across a vast ocean of your own body. Believe it Or Not, Body Worlds hides an entire collection of real human bodies offered by donators. They belonged to people who wished for their bodies at the moment of their deaths to become an insight for the physicians and the instructions of laypersons. Dive deep into your own anatomy, observe the connections between nerves. How do they produce reactions and many types of feelings.

Say thank you to your skin because it protects in an incredible way your organs. Understand how harmony reveals itself through  muscles underneath our skin. Playing the saxophone, for instance, shows a perfect muscular and mental balance. Bones present a powerful external appearance but they hold a fragile internal spongy structure. Our thoughts shape our experiences. Remember what the emperor Marcus Aurelius said: the soul becomes dyed with the colours of its thoughts. Learn that our body is a creative universe which is constantly in a process of change. Situate yourself between the conscious and unconscious state by understanding how the nervous system assures our internal functionality.

         Believe It or Not,

our brain needs 20% of our blood supply. Its chemistry can be felt through the real exhibits situated inside the attraction. Furthermore 200 anatomical figures of real human bodies were captured in their essence through dissection and plastination technique. Plastinates are odorless and dry, passing the test of time.


      Body Worlds opens its doors daily from 9:00 am till 20:00 pm this summer 2018 in Amsterdam, waiting you with interactive surprises as well.

  Certainly either you discover things external to your being or you find a resonance box inside yourself; human nature keeps on being a mystery. Rather A beautiful piece of art or an outrageous force; a touch of happiness with a trace of melancholy; a never-ending spirit producing sounds and beauty.

      Even more did you wonder about where and how would you  like to live, for instance? Experience a multiverse of emotions and feelings at Ripley’s Believe It or Not and Body Worlds this summer 2018 in Amsterdam and find your own method for the boundaries between fragility and strength.