• Tuesday, June 15, 2021

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  • Batchig by Mayrig

    Located in Dbayeh (1275 Kassis street), Batchig is easy to find because it is housed in a striking red building that is sure to get your attention. Rightly so, as Batchig is a very special place that is definitely worth a visit. A cute little fact about the place is that Batchig means ‘kiss’ in Armenian so Batchig by Maryig is ‘a kiss from mother’. More so than sister restaurant Mayrig Batchig has a fusion cuisine with influences from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Greece and other countries where the Armenian people settled. Expect Lebanese dishes expertly prepared by an all female kitchen, with a modern twist to tempt your tastebuds.


    Batchig has only been open for 1,5 years but it is already well established and very busy especially on Sunday for lunch. Batchig is a substantial restaurant with seating on two floors, the second floor is a mezzanine so you can overlook the lower level where they have a Delight’s bar in the middle of the restaurant. The decoration (done by Sandra Macaron) is modern and white with cozy touches like plates on the walls and sieves used as lights which has a very nice effect.

    We were invited to sample some of their dishes and we had a very enjoyable evening in their charming garden. The garden is lined with lemon and fragrant jasmine trees, making it the perfect setting for a romantic dinner or a feast with friends while enjoying the traditional Arghileh (shisha). The garden also features a large metal drum that they use to make a traditional Lebanese drink called Arakh. This clear spirit is very similar to Greek Ouzo and is produced by Batchig for customers to enjoy and to sell in their little shop next to the restaurant. From this shop you can take home a little piece of Batchig’s cuisine, believe us (baggage allowances permitting) you will take as much as you can.


    We sampled a selection of dishes including a delightful halloumi (Lebanese cheese) and soujouk (Armenian sausage) salad and delicious whiskey drunken shrimps. But the star dishes for us (there are two here) were their ‘mama ganoush’, a mouth-watering dip made of courgettes instead of the traditional aubergine, and the safiha baalbakiye, little pies with a meat filling and pine nuts. We thought both these dishes really embody the spirit of Batchig; fushion between great cuisines but with a modern and creative touch. Also worth mentioning are the Batchig sticks, they come in several different flavours and are well worth a try. For dessert we had the king of all ice creams, literally a mountain of almond, ashta and rose loukoum ice cream topped with cotton candy, amazing.


    What we liked:

    + garden setting

    + innovative ideas

    + modern concept and execution

    What we disliked:

    – we tried the frog legs but they were not for us

    Batchig by Mayrig

    1275 Kassis street, Debayeh Lebanon 

    Tel: +961 70 444 307



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