• Saturday, October 16, 2021

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  • Beaches of Amsterdam


    The Netherland’s shoreline consists of one long single continuous beach of finely grained hoary sands that stretches for hundreds of kilometers in a north south direction, from the Wadden Islands to Zeeland. These beaches have a backdrop of beautiful, undulating sand dunes that are essential to protect the country from floods. Ironically, not many visitors are aware that there are beaches around Amsterdam, and when they hear of them, they are surprised. Well it’s true, there are indeed beaches around Amsterdam and let’s has a peep at them.


    Urban beaches

    Strand West is an extensive beach that is open all through the seasons, although the outdoor activities in general get away, only while the weather is sunny and bright. This beach offers a panoramic view. You can lounge in a hammock doing nothing, sip your favorite cocktail, have a tapas for snacks or play a game or two of beach volleyball. There is also the Blijburg aan Zee, a city beach near Amsterdam, where you can really swim.

    Another famous beach is Strand Zuid which is located just behind the RAI Convention Centre. Actually it is a series of restaurants and cafes interconnected by strips of white sand and a boardwalk. There you can unwind sitting on lounge chairs, sipping your favorite cold drinks and enjoy the fine food, and listening to the DJs playing the decks.

    Coastal beaches

    Zandvoort: A famous white sandy beach, situated not far from Amsterdam center, it is a scenic beach much sought after by visitors. The wavy sand dunes and the grey-blue sea forms as it at were, a superb nature reserve where visitors can go for various water sports or just laze in the soothing ambience. Zandvoort is only a mere 20 minutes away by train from Amsterdam’s famous landmark, the Central Station.

    Bloemendaal: Bloemendaal is a gem among the beaches located along the Dutch coast, and is favored highly by the fashionable sun-worshippers. If you feel like a change from the bustling Bloemendaal to somewhere more quiet and peaceful, you can move north to the lovely beach pavilion, the area where you can sunbathe in the nude. There is a railway station in Bloemendaal with convenient train timings to Amsterdam. Or you can hop on a train to Zandvoort from Amsterdam Central and board an no.81 bus to Bloemendaal.

    The Zuid-Kennemerland National Park: A scenic break from the hustle and bustle of modern life, this park is abundantly blessed with natural beauty, and lies sedately along the sea in the Randstad region. You can stroll or bike over the wavy sand dunes, and just take it easy on the coastline. There is an excellent hotel with a country-house ambience named the Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg very close to the incomparable park.


    IJmuiden aan Zee: With its extensive sandy beach, this is by far the widest beach to be found in the Netherlands. By moving beyond the chief access areas, you can have the pleasure of finding long stretches of empty beaches, all to yourself. Since this beach is often windy, it is popular for windsurfing as well as flying kites. The easiest way to make it to IJmuiden aan Zee is to get aboard the Fast Flying Ferry from Amsterdam. Further information can be had from the IJmuiden aan Zee website.

    Wijk aan Zee: This place has a close-knit community and you can have a highly enjoyable laid-back day at this beach. The lovely Timboektoe beach pavilion offers something for all. On Saturdays there is live music and on Sundays there are sand sculpture contests for children and yoga. In case you’re crazy for adventure, go on a paragliding spree here. To reach this fun place, take the train Amsterdam – Beverwijk, then hop on bus no.78.

    Beaches in the Heemskerk region: If you’re one who is not seeking a fun place, but wants lots of peace and quiet, rent a bike from Beverwijk and make it to the dune-lined setting that is lies on the west of Heemskerk. Moving further north-west, you can reach Egmond aan Zee, yet another scenic dune-lined beach, popular with walkers. A large part of the well-known PWN Egmond Half Marathon takes place here, every January. Regular trains are available to Alkmaar and Beverwijk from Amsterdam and from there catch bus no.165 to Egmond aan Zee.