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  • Beauty and Wellness

    Amsterdam is an ideal city when it comes to catering to oneself. Whether you want to work out, receive calming treatments for a day or spend numerous days of isolated relaxation, Amsterdam offers it all through its huge range of wellness and beauty centers. With such a variety one is certain to leave the city glowing and refreshed!

    Many of Amsterdam’s finest hotels have awe worthy spa centers with a variety of beauty treatments available, with most of them being accessible to the public. However, as this is Amsterdam there are also unique places one can go to for unimaginable relaxation.

    Amsterdam possesses a number of saunas, however, the luxurious Sauna Deco surpasses all by being styled with pieces of art deco. In order to obtain excellent massages Jacuzzi’s, rain showers and relaxation zones why not hit one of Amsterdam’s excellent spas?  The Sento Spa offers an excellent panoramic view of the historic center through its roof terrace. Whereas the Spa Zuiver supersedes all spas when it comes to having the most ideal location since it is surrounded by the cities forest, Amsterdamse Bos.

    For those who are interested in submerging themselves in salt water baths visiting the Koan Boat, located in the cities center is a wonderful idea. If you would rather swim then head to De Mirandabad, its palm trees and wave machine are sure to make your experience a memorable one. The art deco inspired Zuiderbad swimming pool is made for those who’d like to go out for a calm paddle. Only 25 minutes out of Amsterdam is Riderrode which guarantee’s relaxation through its thermal baths or if you prefer getting a hydro massages then visit the Spaarnwoude Resort.

    To try something new and exciting head on over to Amsterdam’s Dr. Fish to receive relaxing treatment through fish. These special fish peck on your hands and feet and although it may seem strange at first it will soon turn out to be highly relaxing and will leave you with soft, clean limbs. For the icing on the cake you are served with a refreshing glass of alcohol in the lounge after receiving treatment. The resort also offers facials, body massages and manicures.

    These experiences aren’t just limited to women, men can also have their fair share by heading to the S.Y.U Grooming Center where they can go for a haircut and shave. They can also pamper themselves by getting a facial or a new hair style. If they are interested in art then why not get a haircut while seeing what new pieces does the art world have to offer? The Galerie de Salon is both an art gallery and hair salon. Talk about a two in one!

    Amsterdam spas and salons have no apparent dress code. Most of them are of mixed gender and have a no-clothes policy. However it’s nothing to worry about. If you feel uncomfortable with these arrangements do not hesitate to ask about a ‘bathing suit’ day or ‘ladies only’ timings.


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