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  • Become a Piece of Dutch Art with Museum Foto

    The Dutch art is definitely a must-see for everyone visiting Amsterdam. However, while the majority would just go to the museum to take a look at the artworks, there is another way to enjoy art – to be a part of it. And that is exactly what Museum Foto offers.

    Make a graceful entry into the Dutch history by becoming a piece of art and take a lovely souvenir back home.

    The Milkmaid or The Prince of Orange?

    Museum Foto is a cozy photo studio located in the very heart of Amsterdam. It’s a place where passersby become art, and the transformation takes no more than 10 minutes. The owners – Britt and Peter – will gladly welcome you inside and help to choose a character.

    Try on the costume of The Milkmaid or Girl with a Pearl Earring (Vermeer). Be The Prince of Orange (Thomasz Key) or Rembrandt in his Self-Portrait with Two Circles. Turn into The Merry Drinker by Frans Hals or take a seat on Van Gogh’s bed in his Bedroom in Arles.

    And if you come with friends, mix things up a little bit! Let The Prince of Orange meet The Milkmaid or introduce Rembrandt to The Merry Drinker. Moreover, the Girl with a Pearl Earring doesn’t necessarily have to be a girl… Don’t forget to have fun while posing for a picture!

    Where to Find Museum Foto?

    Museum Foto occupies a small shop at the back of the New Church, which is just 20 meters from Dam. While visiting the main city square, head towards the church, walk around it and you’re there!

    The studio is open daily from 11 AM to 5 PM (from 1 PM on Sundays). Stay tuned with their website and Facebook page for updates.

    Book your visit to Museum Foto on the following link.


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