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  • Believe It Or Not! of Amsterdam

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    Believe It or Not!s of Amsterdam

    There is so much you don’t know about Amsterdam yet! Here are a few fun facts you might find amusing. Believe it or not!

    1. The estimated number of bikes in Amsterdam is 880,000. There are more bikes than people in the Dutch capital!

      Source: Pixabay
    2. Around 25,000 bikes end up on the bottom of the canals every year. Сuriously enough, only half of them are fished up from there.

      Source: Public Radio International
    3. Amsterdam stands on about 11,000,000 wooden poles. A typical canal house needs no more than 10 of those to keep it ‘afloat’. The Royal Palace, in turn, is supported by exactly 13.659 poles!

      Source: Kimpton De Witt
    4. Approximately one-third of the Dutch territory lies below sea level. Schiphol airport, for example, sits at -4.5 meters and is the lowest lying airport in the world!

      Source: Mashable
    5. 1,281 is the number of bridges in Amsterdam. That is three times more bridges than there is in Venice!

      Source: Pixabay
    6. Amsterdam has no less than 165 canals that, if combined together, would have a length of 100 kilometers or 60 miles.

      Source: Pixabay
    7. Got caught in the rain? Don’t worry – it will probably happen again! Amsterdam is one of the wettest cities in Europe, with an average of 185 days with precipitation.

      Source: Fine Art America

    Did you already know all of this? Congratulations! You’re a true Amsterdammer!

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