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  • Best cupcakes in the world – Van Ness Cupcake Amsterdam

    While browsing the streets of Amsterdam I thought I suddenly ended up in heaven. I know, there is more than one place in Amsterdam that could cause that feeling but this one is really special. A cupcakery! The very first in Amsterdam! Just looking at the window you already drool.


    Van Ness Cupcake is a wonderful shop where they sell handcrafted cupcakes (soft and moist) with a delicious topping. They are baked fresh every single day on-site with the finest ingredients. Vanessa Vos is the owner of the shop and she started out baking pies together with her mum on Curacao, where she lived. Her aunt was also in the cupcake business. She’s always been a big fan of cupcakes: those nice, fluffy American cupcakes. Since she couldn’t find them in the Netherlands, she decided to start her own place.

    Vanessa put twelve flavors on the menu. Ten of the flavors, ranging from Coconut to Bastogne Cookies are available at all times. Chocolate Espresso, Chocolate Baileys and Chocolate Lava (there can never be too much chocolate) have their own special days. Mandarin is available until the end of December.


    The store doesn’t look like any other sugarcoated cupcake store but stands out by a clean and modern design. I was lucky enough to bump into this lovely looking store, with nice purple accents on a beautiful Saturday. That’s why I could try the Chocolate Baileys cupcake. Oh my god! Imagine a moist light chocolate cake that’s infused with Baileys and topped with a Baileys frosting that’s so absolutely delicious you will want to eat more. It’s like heaven on a plate!

    I can hear you asking: “What makes these cupcakes so unique?” Well, the cupcakes taste very moist and fluffy (no dry cake at all) and the topping is sweet but not too sweet. It’s soft and light and airy. You can taste that the finest ingredients are being used like real butter and Belgian chocolate, fresh fruits and real vanilla essence.

    Starting at €2,75 you will get to taste the most delicious cupcake you have ever had. Make sure to take your debit or credit card because there is a ‘no-cash’-policy. If you make plans to visit Amsterdam you need to plan it in the weekend.

    Van Ness Cupcake (Spuistraat 232) is open from Friday to Sunday from 12:00 pm until 6:00 pm or until they are sold out. Yes, it does happen, so be quick!

    Images: ilovefashionnews.nl, theavantguardian.com


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