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  • Blue Amsterdam: A Café with a View and a Soul

    Amsterdam is a beautiful city, and it’s even more beautiful from above. Due to the lack of high buildings in the city center, not many places can offer panoramic views. Blue Amsterdam is one of the few that can. Owned by two sisters, this café-restaurant has a personal touch in every detail. While the view is what grabs your attention in the first place, it is a warm atmosphere that makes you stay there and come back over and over again.

    The View

    After a big renovation turned the former Royal Dutch Shell tower into one of Amsterdam attractions, people have no doubts over where to go for a glimpse of the city from above. While A’DAM tower indeed has plenty to give, you can hardly find such a view in the center of the Dutch capital. That is what makes Blue Amsterdam a one of a kind place. Located in the heart of the city and overlooking its rooftops, the café offers a truly unique and authentic experience.

    Photo by: Iana Poliakova

    Occupying the 3rd and 4th floors of the Kalvertoren, Blue provides Google Earth-like views of Amsterdam, while giving a chance to spot some of the city’s most famous buildings like The Rijksmuseum, The Royal Palace, Westerkerk and Carré theater. To make things even easier, Blue Amsterdam has stickers on the windows telling what buildings and attractions to look for.

    Photo by: Iana Poliakova

    The Soul

    Blue Amsterdam is owned by Willem Honnebier and two sisters, Lotte and Loes de Vos, who are trying to make “their baby” as cozy and welcoming as possible. That is why the café has changed a lot since its opening in 2009. Not so long ago, Blue has undergone a remarkable makeover that replaced gray and white minimalist interior with warmer colors and materials. “We wanted to make it cozier and friendlier,” says Lotte. “It’s a place where you can relax and be yourself.”

    Photo by: Iana Poliakova

    Sit back in a comfy Acapulco chair, a drink in your hand, Amsterdam at your feet, and soak the sun through those gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows. Don’t miss a chance to see the finest details of Amsterdam skyline and pick one of the binoculars lying on the tables. Yes, those are not just for decor and free to use. Seems like sisters de Vos have anticipated your every wish, doesn’t it?

    Photo by: Iana Poliakova

    Finally, don’t forget to take pictures – Blue Amsterdam is extremely Instagram-friendly :). Visit their Instagram page for inspiration.

    See here for the menu: lunch & more, sweets & snacks.

    Summing up, Blue Amsterdam is a perfect choice for “the first date” with the city and meetings with friends. On weekdays, it’s a pleasure to work from there: the place is calm, quiet and literally filled with light (don’t try it on the weekends, though!) Finally, Blue Amsterdam is a must if you have some shopping on Kalverstraat planned – will definitely save you lots of stress! Just take a glass elevator from the bottom floor of the Kalvertoren to the top, and you’re there.


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