“Every season when the Boat Parties in Amsterdam start,  I get asked almost the same questions from our guests “. The sentence that started the interview with one of the captains of the AmsterDO Boat Experiences.

” What can I do in Amsterdam? ”  ” Where is the van Gogh Museum?”  ” which one is the best walking tours in Amsterdam?” and of course ” Where can I book a Boat Party?”

The Captain’s speech would start with something like :

With a perfect sunrise, 27 degrees and a ticket for a party boat experience , we were ready to start our unforgettable day trip,  so let’s book it here!! But let me tell you more about our tours: The shift starts with a complete clean up of a perfect boat for a sunny day. Check list of the comfortable sits or pillows, bottles, mixers, garniture  and Ice! that’s it! We are ready for Boat Parties in Amsterdam.

Glasses for all kinds of cocktails and plastic  ones just in case. You never know when a crazy crew might jump in. We have rules of course, but sometimes people just likes to have too much fun. And too early I might say… But Hey… we are all adults! So live and let live, it’s my quote for y’all.

For the event of today our pick up starts right in front of the Centraal Station. People tend to choose the area. It’s a perfect spot for bigger groups. Specially for the  boys walking around the red light district just before or after the tour.  For the ladies, well there are some special cocktail venues just around the corner like the sky lounge at the Hilton.

Every tour start with the right announcements. RULES on the boat are essential. I introduce myself and introduce our hostess. She makes feel everybody welcomed and prepares the first round of drinks.

About the drinks…

People tends to go for the traditional drinks; rum and  cola or beer but if you plan to cruise on one of the boats soon; well, take the time to think about your drink of choice. All I’m saying is that a gin & tonic cocktail or even a glass of Prosecco might be a better way to start your experience after all.

Then off we go through the canals direction to the Amstel. Our boats have mainly radio communication therefore we make sure to have a safe trip indeed. Amsterdam canal RULES are very clear therefore we don’t have any surprises. You might have a minor situation here and there as a result of  tourist on a Boat, but nothing dangerous. After all the speed limit of most boat is not dangerous in the canals.

My job is to make sure everyone is safe. My colleague and hostess of the boat makes sure that everyone is in a good mood and if anyone has a question; she would help right away. If i need to raise my voice to keep the group respecting the rules, I will do! But in any case that doesn’t happen that much at all.

canals of Amsterdam
picture of the canals of Amsterdam

What happens during the tour? Well, like I say every time : what happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam!!! Boat Parties in Amsterdam are a little like Las Vegas Parties indeed.

I leave you with the note that u’ll might come back sooner than you think to Amsterdam. Once you experience the city from the water, you love this city way more!

See you in Amsterdam My friends!

Words from one of the captains from the AmsterDO Experiences and the Boat Parties in Amsterdam.