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  • Typical and Cosy: Amsterdam's Brown Cafés

    If you’re one of the lucky ones visiting Amsterdam, your trip won’t be complete until you visit the famous Brown Cafés, which give you a delicious taste of the Dutch tradition. These pubs are a huge part of the culture of Amsterdam, and are loved by many, local and foreign people alike!

    One might wonder why these pubs are called “Brown Cafés”, the reason behind this is that these pubs usually have a dark and comfortable indoor environment, with lots of wooden decors and the walls and ceilings are tinted with nicotine. Although these cafés shouldn’t be so brown anymore because of the indoor smoking ban, still many pubs are decorated precisely to get the dark look. These pubs are the best places to relax, sip coffee, have a beer and read a book or a newspaper. Regulars get so comfortable in these pleasant encoves that they might mistake it for their own living room.

    These pubs are largely simple with reasonable charges for their servings. They serve local and international beers, spirits, soft drinks and hot beverages. Expect the brown cafesclassically Dutch “jenever” , a drink much like gin, sipped slowly from little delicate glasses. On the menu, light foods and snacks. One of the traditional snacks is “bitterballen” which are breadcrumb coated and deep-fried ragout balls , served with mustard.

    Many Brown Cafés state that they are Amsterdam’s oldest and even though no hard proof justifies their claims, there are still a few pubs that have been there since the 1600’s. The Brown Café, In ‘t Aepien is funnily one of the oldest but also the newest cafés of Amsterdam. It is situated in one of the oldest buildings from the 1400’s, but only recently in 1990 did the ground floor become a café.

    All of the Brown Cafés have their own specific charm and an assorted  base of costumers. Some of the pubs attract the businessmen type customers while some are mostly visited by students or other young people. The decor of the cafés differ slightly but in principle they all have basic interiors rather than fashionable ones. They are mostly famous for being comfortable and pleasant, and the simple décor is a plus for customers who visit them for the sake of relaxation.

    Visit a Brown Café in Amsterdam and you won’t be disappointed!



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