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    BigRedCap has been tearin’ up Amsterdam since he arrived two years ago. He’s If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting  him and learning the infamous ‘Reggie greeting combo’ – shake,  sprinkle then box – you’d instantly know that this man was born  to rhyme!

    Hailing from Brighton, England, BigRedCap was already busy making a name for himself as a rapper, as part of a four MC rhyme collective called ‘MultiFinish ‘. The group still make music  together though BigRedCap is now representing from here  in Amsterdam. Currently working on his own projects, he still  keeps close contact with the MultiFinish crew and features them  on all his mix-tapes.

    After arriving in Amsterdam, BigRedCap met local, funky hip hop hero, Fredee Brazil. Both hungry to unleash their everlasting flow of rhymes on a grateful audience, they devised  a monthly night called ‘DamBreaks’, which served as a platform to constantly release new material and work alongside other local artists and musicians. Last summer they took the show to the streets with the help of ‘Wojtec’ and his bicycle taxi, and organized the first ever bicycle hip hop tour in Amsterdam. With a personal chauffeur and both rappers armed with a microphone and portable amp, they rolled and rocked it! They would start at Dam Square and stop in every major square to give a free show to the unsuspecting public. Even though the police tried to shut down the show, the boys would just continue ’round the corner and eventually they gathered a following of loyal, hip hop loving cyclists.

    Since his involvement with DamBreaks, BigRedCap has been invited to showcase his material and grace many stages in Amsterdam. Local Drum n bass night ‘Cheeky Monday’ regularly ask Red to feature on the mic either in the club or through Cheeky Radio on Sub FM. You can also catch him at the annual ‘Paint n Beer’ festival at Villa Friekens in the North of  Amsterdam; a local squat that has been going strong for over 10 years. The party celebrates music, graffiti and homemade beer!

    If you were at the cannabis cup this year you may even  remember BigRedCap on the main stage at the Melkweg,representing The Devil’s Harvest Seeds. Lately he is has been extremely busy in Amsterdam, his main focus right now is producing his mix-tapes, which are his heart and soul. Over the last two years BigRedCap has produced a series of tapes entitled ‘I jack beats all day’. With this, you have series of unofficial remixes cut together like the script of a great movie, starring BigRedCap and a host of other MC’s. These mix-tapes are available to download in their entirety, completely free on his website.

    BigRedCap’s latest release is a grime mix-tape, in association with ‘GrimeSeen’, a local initiative to bring more ‘Grime’ music to the Netherlands. The collective works closely with both UK and Dutch artists and offer a podium for artists to perform collaborate and share. His new mix-tape, the imaginatively titled ‘I jack grime all day’ will only be available to download exclusively from the GrimeSeen website, from September 1st.

    BigRedCap is intent on creating an international collective of people dedicated to keeping the underground scenes alive and has already built a fine army here in Amsterdam. His resident graffiti artist/designer ‘Skatin’ Chinchila’, responsible for all BigRedCaps artwork, is a shining example of a man dedicated to the underground. You can watch him in action on BigRedCap’s new video – ‘A – Town’, filmed across the whole of Amsterdam for all you lovely locals. BigRed even made an entire DamBreaks crowd wear red caps for one of the scenes in the vid. ‘Twas red caps aplenty, I tell thee!

    To keep up to date with the life of BigRedCap, video updates, new releases, downloads and performances, check..
    www.bigredcap.co.uk or www.dambreaks.com

    If you wanna hear the grimier side of BigRedCap and collect your free ‘I jack grime all day’ mix-tape then be sure to
    visit www.grimeseen.nl

    Dean Sadikot (innit)



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