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  • Buurman and Buurman eet winkel


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    Bos en Lommer and great tasting pizza is something I don’t think you would see in this area. But funny as it might sound, those two come together in the form of the delightful neighbourhood Pizza café and take away shop that is Buurman and Buurman eet winkel. Buurman and Buurman is in fact the result of two Buurmannen (neighbours) who live in Bos en Lommer and love simple great food. The idea for a Pizza shop didn’t come into being from day one, but grow more organically. Paul and Koen just felt it was time to try something new in their lives. Buurman and Buurman is located on the corner of the Erasmus park. A location that has seen to be rather inspired since it has become an ideal hang out place to grab a pizza and a drink and enjoy them in the near by park in the beautiful Summer weather. The interior is very basic, exposed brick work, unpainted wood work along with retro old tables and chairs. It all adds to the very laid back approach of Paul and Koen. The pizzas are all made to order in a stone wood burning oven of their own design. The ingredients are always fresh, and they change the meal to reflect the availability of what they happen to have when you order. I took my son along with me and we ordered an Italian classic , pizza margarita. The tomato sauce base just had enough of the right balance of sweet tomato taste and the rich and fresh amount of herbs. We were also offered a couple of slices of a pepperoni, mushrooms and onion pizza. This too didn’t disappoint. It was all washed down with two bottles of organic low sugar sodas. Buurman and Buurman are open 5 days a week from Wednesday to Sundays. I must say its a welcome addition to Bos en Lommer and Amsterdam’s eating landscape.


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