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  • How to Celebrate King’s Day in Amsterdam

    Calling all party lovers of the Dutch capital! King’s Day in Amsterdam is coming and it’s not to be taken lightly! April 27th marks the day of “orange madness” when locals and tourists alike put on orange clothes (wigs, fake moustaches… you name it!) and head to the city center for annual open air parties.

    Amsterdam is going crazy on King’s Day, and so should you! Here is what you can do on April 27th and the day before. Get inspired!

    King’s Night in Amsterdam

    Even though King’s Day is celebrated on April 27th, some of us just can’t wait to get this party started! That’s why many parties take place on the night before that has come to be known as King’s Night.

    Here are a few parties we recommend to check out. Some of them are free!

    King’s night @Floor17
    Koningsnacht at De Foodhallen: Holland Edition
    Koningsnacht-dag op de Noordermarkt
    King’s Night in the Nicest Courtyard of Amsterdam
    W for King in W Amsterdam
    King’s Night Cruise
    Odisea Kingsnight Cruise
    King’s Night at The Butcher Social Club
    Koningsnacht Ondersteboven in Canvas Volkshotel
    Shelter King’s Night
    Escape Amsterdam Kingsnight

    King’s Day in Amsterdam

    Source: Innit Magazine

    The best thing about King’s Day is free open-air fun as most of the parties in the city are “buiten & gratis” (“outside and free”). Huge dance events and smaller parties, live concerts and flea markets – everything is happening at the same time, all over the city. Just take a walk around and join the first party you bump into or check out our list of favorites.

    Free open-air parties:

    Koningsdag op straat l Frederiksplein Amsterdam
    Kings Of Orange on Waterlooplein
    Koningsnacht-dag op de Noordermarkt
    Het Partyfeest Koningsdag on Noordermarkt
    NDSM Vrijhaven
    Koningsdag Uit Je Bak NDSM
    These Guys Kingsday at NDSM Treehouse

    Free indoor parties:

    King’s Day Party at The Butcher Social Club
    Kings Day Rooftop After Party at W Amsterdam
    Familiar Music Kaapt Het Ketelhuis
    Een buitenaardse Koningsdag at ‘t Blauwe Theehuis

    Not free but still awesome (including boat parties):

    Kingsland Festival at RAI Amsterdam
    Nassau Festival
    Kingsday Cruise by Amsterdam Boat Parties
    King’s Day Boat Party by Fun Amsterdam
    Shelter King’s Day Breakfast Club

    Citywide Street Market

    Source: Iamsterdam

    King’s Day in Amsterdam is widely known for its citywide street market when everyone is welcome to sell their things at low, usually symbolic prices. Feel free to be a seller yourself or go treasure hunting at the citywide “vrijmarkt” (“free market”).

    Market spaces can be found all over the city. Only a few places in the city center are not allowed for sellers to occupy. Those include, for example, Dam Square as it’s usually overcrowded.

    Family Fun on King’s Day

    One of the best places to celebrate King’s Day in Amsterdam with kids is the Bredeweg Festival. Free and famous for its family-friendly vibe, it has been out there for 40 years! The festival features theater performances, concerts, various lessons and workshops and a street market. Lots of fun for the whole family!

    Another great thing to do is to encourage your kids to look through their things and pick a few that they do not need anymore – those can be sold on the street market. To make things easier for children, the city council reserves some of the markets especially for them.

    Some of the biggest flea markets reserved for children are at the Vondelpark and on the Artisplein.

    Source: Bredeweg Festival

    Dress Code

    Although orange might not be the color you wear on a regular basis, King’s Day requires you to change your tastes for a day.

    Orange is the national color of the Netherlands, and everyone is wearing it on King’s Day in Amsterdam – T-shirts, dresses, shoes, accessories and what not. Get creative and try on an orange wig, a fake moustache or any other funky accessories you might like trying on. It’s King’s Day, go a bit crazy!

    Beware of the Crowds

    There are over 800,000 people living in Amsterdam and most of them are looking forward to King’s Day aiming to have some fun. At the same time, the city receives lots of visitors – enough to double its population.

    Both the streets and the canals on April 27th will be packed with people, so beware of the crowds, especially around the Leidseplein, the Museumplein, Dam Square, Rembrandtplein and the canals of Amsterdam.

    To avoid the crowds (if that’s at all possible), join parties outside of the city center.


    Watch one of the aftermovies of King’s Day in Amsterdam to get the right vibe.

    We wish you to have the time of your life on King’s Day and let’s cross fingers for good weather!


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