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  • Best Christmas City of the Netherlands

    DSC_9899When it comes to the holiday season, the Dutch make themselves stand out!  They have an ice rink on Leidseplein, and Valkenburg has done a great job of transforming into the Christmas City of the Netherlands. 
    Now, you don’t have to drive to the Christmas market in Germany, you can just head to Valkenburg.  This is a city that will be immaculately decorated and has a culinary walk called “Route d’Amuse”.  You will get to walk through the beautiful lights, but you will also get to try 5 small amuses that are prepared by some of the best local restaurants out there.

    There are two caves that have added to some of the best Christmas cities and these are the Velvet Cave and the Municipal Cave.  These are the largest subterranean Christmas markets throughout Europe.  These have large galleries in them and you can hear the great Christmas music as you shop.  They have great gift ideas for family members you are shopping for. 

    In the Velvet Cave you will find Santa.  Take the kids here and let the see the rooms full of presents, let them pet the reindeer, and let them see his bedroom.  They have a great Christmas market to shop at and a great chapel to visit.

    Don’t miss the Wilhelmina Cave.  This is a cave house that has the largest nativity scene out there.  There is even a chairlift that you can take so that you can visit the tower and get a great bite to eat up there.

    Finish your Christmas outing by taking a trip on the Christmas Express.  This will be the end to a perfect evening and is a great idea for a date night that you should check out.  Be sure to get your tickets online so that you can save a seat.


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