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    Ordinary is definitely not the norm for the “Cinedans Dance on Screen” festival that got underway last weekend. Lovers of dance have till March 9th to attend this event that places choreography and film-making central, in the Eye, Amsterdam’s film museum.

    “Language is no problem,” said Commercial manager Martine Dekker last Friday, when asked what to expect. She said the festival cinedanswould feature some 60 short films and documentaries from all over the world; what all these films have in common is that the subjects dance a lot more than they talk, with choreography made especially for the camera. Dekker explained that this art form is about as old as film making. “The camera offered new opportunities to film makers and choreographers, because it made it possible to zoom into movies, or edit elements in or out,” she said, adding “What to expect are films with a very wide assortment of dance styles, from classical ballet to street dance. We wanted to reach a varied audience.”

    The event, which this year marks its tenth hosting, features quite a few premieres, among which the latest film “All this can Happen” by famed arts documentaries and performance film maker David Hinton, who is also attending.

    The event on Sunday also paid homage to Hans van Manen, Holland’s star choreographer who just turned 80. “People know of his work in choreography, but many people are not aware of his film work,” said Ms. Dekker.

    She said that Cinedans has an extended program for its anniversary celebrations.

    Aside from the movies and documentaries –with alluring subjects like hearing impaired dancers-, the event features a special Fashion and Art segment. Visitors can also marvel at the eight-minute dance films made as part of interdisciplinary dance film project Point Taken, jointly executed by the Dutch Cultural Media Fund, the Performing Arts Fund NL, the Dutch national broadcaster NTR and Cinedans.

    Alluring is the One Minute Dance Film Contest, for which there were more than 150 submissions of “dance jewels” this year. New on the Cinedans agenda is Cinedans Young, during which kids (3-6) take part in a dance workshop, which will be filmed and produced as a documentary.

    The Cinedans Dioraphte Jury Prize and the Dioraphte award of merit for young talent, as well as the Cinedans Audience Prize will be presented to those chosen as winner this year.

    Visitors can also view all dance films featured during Cinedans’ ten years on screens, specially set up in The Eye. This part of the event is free to access; tickets can be purchased online for all other parts of the Cinedans program.

    Remaining festival days are Wednesday March 6, Friday March 8 and Saturday March 9. The program starts at 10.00am and ends at 10.00pm, except for next Wednesday, when it runs from 2.00pm to 6.00pm.

    Ms. Dekker had a compelling reason why to attend: “It is always extraordinary to attend a film festival with a diverse captivating program, in which dance has a central role. Because dance can surprise unexpectedly.”

    A good motto is never to forego on a promise of a surprise.

    Check out the Cinedans website for more reasons to go.

    HUXX is Marvin Hokstam, a Caribbean journalist who is rapidly going from reluctant to carefully amazed by Amsterdam



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