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  • Circus Carré

    The World Christmas Circus (Wereldkerstcircus), showing at the Royal Theatre Carré, Amsterdam until 5 January is a proud and much loved annual Amsterdam tradition. Since the great circus performer Oscar Carré first opened his groundbreaking theatre in 1887, under the name of Circus Carré, the theatre has widened its approach to include many different artists, but circus has always remained at its heart.

    This year, the 29th edition of the World Christmas Circus features the most thrilling circus acts from all over the globe. With acts from Vietnam, North Korea, Russia, China, South Africa, Switzerland and the USA, the audience can expect to be thrilled by outrageously daring trapeze and acrobatic performances, live music, the world’s number one contortionist, a team of death defying jugglers on unicycles, and Bello Nock, America’s most gifted and physically intrepid clown.

    Carré was the son of the great circus rider Kätchen Carré, and as a horse trainer and rider himself, acts with horses were always a crucial part of his circuses. The World Christmas Circus continues that tradition with the “Italian Horse Whisperer” Alex Giona and his ravishing team of white horses, glowing under the lights of the stage as if in the moonlight. Acrobats the Azzario Sisters, the Giang Brothers and the winners of the Silver and Gold Clown awards from festivals all over the world promise a truly exciting way to see in the New Year.

    The circus is showing at the Koninklijk Theater Carré until 5 January, and tickets (ranging from 15 to 59 euros) can be obtained via the theatre’s website: http://web.carre.nl/nl/voorstellingen/detail/1331/wereldkerstcircus


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