• Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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  • Claustrophobia The Newest Escape Room in Amsterdam

    Wether you’re looking for something fun to do with friends or colleagues or for your not-so-usual tourist attraction; Escape Rooms are the place to be. You’re getting locked up in a room and by solving problems and out of the box thinking you have to escape within 60 minutes. Located in the centre of Amsterdam, next to the Scheepvaartmuseum, you can find Claustrophobia, the newest Escape Room in Amsterdam

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    The owners have been working for months to create the most fascinating experience for its visitors. Claustrophobia lets you experience the dream of a little girl named Matilda. Normally her dreams are always happy, but not this time. By solving mysterious, riddles and by using creative thinking you can wake the girl up out of her dream. The tricky part? You have exactly one hour to do so!

    Claustrophobia is a true unique experience full of unexpected twists and fun mysteries. Will you escape in 60 minutes? For more info click here



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