• Saturday, September 23, 2023

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  • Coding for the Fun Loving: Amsterdam hosts the Kings of Code Festival

     Photo: Rafael Dohms

    The development brand, Kings of Code will be holding a four day festival right here in Amsterdam from the 1st to the 4th December. The event which will be attended by 400 developers will be focusing on the the hottest topics in web and mobile development such as HMTL5, Mobile, Realtime and Javascript. To the dummies out there these are the guys working behind the scenes to make it all happen, you know the internet? Not only happen but evolve. Basically pretty much your whole life depends on them and they will be congregating in the Nes Theatre right in the heart of Amsterdam.


    From social networking to web typography no topics will be left untouched as hundreds will be present to watch the stars in the web universe of infinite possibilities. At the conference, the 18 speakers are bound to blow your nots and ones off, amongst them are Guillermo Rauch, Jackson Gabbard, mobile engineer at Facebook, Bootstrap’s author @fat, software engineer Vicent Martí from GitHub and Lea Verou, Developer Advocate for W3C and open web lover. In preparation for the extravaganza, 100 developers will be getting down and dirty with a 36 hour Hack Battle on the 1st and 2nd December, which will culminate in the coronation of King/ Queen of Code 2012 as well as a presentation of every team’s achievements on Monday. We have also heard something about pizza, free beer and energy drinks… Besides that, workshops will supply established and upcoming developers with new knowledge and much needed guidance to use the latest front-end, back-end and mobile technologies.


    Let the coding begin! 

    For more info visitthenextweb.com

    For tickets visitkingsofcode.com


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