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  • The Comedytrain International Summer Festival


    The Toomler Comedy Club plays host to the 21st annual Comedytrain International Summer Festival, an English-speaking event showcasing ten international comedians over a five-week period during July and August. Each week will host two different comedians and tickets to each show are sold separately. This intimate venue has the best atmosphere for you to enjoy comedians who normally perform for audiences of over a thousand. 

    Each pair of comedians will perform at the Toomler Comedy Club for four nights each. From 2 to 5 July we have Canadian Tony Law and Irishman Keith Farnan. From 9 to 12 July we have Pete Johansson from Canada and Rory Scovel from the USA. From 16 to 19 July, it’s a UK double bill featuring Simon Munnery and Nina Conti. From 23 to 26 July, American Tom Rhodes and Australian Hannah Gadsby take to stage. And finishing off the festival, from 30 July to 2 August, we have Ophira Eisenberg from Canada and Brooks Wheelan from the USA.

    Tony Law 

    Originally from Lacombe, Alberta, Law has been perfecting his comedy skills for over 14 years culminating in his nomination for the Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award. He has also become a familiar face on UK television, featuring on shows such as Never Mind The Buzzcocks and Russell Howard’s Good News. With his Viking-esque hair and rather eclectic dress sense, he has gained infamy with his extremely surreal comedy material, most notably his time-travelling adventures with Cartridge Davison, his sausage dog!

    Keith Farnan 

    You wouldn’t expect a former solicitor to be this funny, but Farnan proves that comedy genius can be found in the strangest of quarters. With performances all over the world under his belt, and UK and US television appearances, Farnan has the ability to make you laugh out loud whilst talking about hard-hitting subjects such as sex trafficking and the death penalty. He is a master at thought-provoking comedy.

    Pete Johansson 

    Canadian Johansson (actually he’s half American) took to the stage as early on as his high school years. After a much acclaimed appearance at the Montreal Just For Laughs festival, he started touring all over the US and currently has development deals with US television channels HBO and Warner Bros TV. Johansson has a relaxed type of comedy that he describes as ‘happy-apathy’…….a condition that most of us can relate to!

    Rory Scovel 

    South Carolina’s Scovel cut his comedy teeth performing at local open mic nights. After being named in Variety Magazine as one of the 10 Comics to Watch in 2012, he has had a meteoric rise in the last 2 years where he has acted in many different US TV shows, such as Conan and the Nerdist. Scovel’s has an almost uncompromising style of comedy; extremely opinionated but always with an intelligent perspective.

    Simon Munnery 

    After a short-lived career in video game programming, Munnery turned to comedy, gaining fame for his shows Trilogy and Buckethead at the Edinburgh Fringe, before hitting the mainstream with UK TV show Attention Scum! With his experimental style of comedy and his trademark use of props (once performing as a character who has his head permanently stuck in a bucket), there’s never a dull moment watching a Munnery show!

    Nina Conti 

    Conti attained recognition by winning the BBC New Comedy Awards in 2002 before taking her full length show Complete and Utter Conti to the Edinburgh Fringe. Conti combines comedy with ventriloquism with a myriad of hilarious characters, including a sardonic Scottish grandma called Granny, and a sinister little monkey called Monk.

    Tom Rhodes 

    A veteran of the comedy stage and a bona fide globe-trotter, Rhodes has been a stand up comic for nearly 30 years whilst also squeezing in acting, writing for the Huffington Post and hosting his own podcast, Tom Rhodes Radio. Choosing not to actually live anywhere but to spend his life travelling, he can regale any crowd with his many funny titbits from all over the world.

    Hannah Gadsby 

    Australian Gadsby rose to fame in 2006 after winning the Australian Raw Comedy competition. Subsequently she has appeared on a number of Australian television shows such as Adam Hills Tonight. She has the unique ability to combine her comedy skills with her art qualifications and has presented hybrid comedy art tours at the National Gallery of Victoria. Gadsby is openly gay and this tends to be an over-riding topic in her extremely funny and self-effacing comedy routines.

    Ophira Eisenberg 

    Hailing from Calgary, Canada, Eisenberg is not only famous for her particular brand of storytelling comedy, but can add writing (debut memoir was Screw Everyone: Sleeping My Way to Monogamy) and acting (Queer as Folk) to her achievements as well as. As a master story-teller Eisenberg has the ability to sweep you away into alternate worlds where she can combine tragedy with humour. In one of her recent shows, she managed to bring some of her audience members to tears (of sadness), and yet still made them laugh.

    Brooks Wheelan 

    Whelan spent his formative years as a stand up comedian in Los Angles before gaining fame by joining the Saturday Night Live where his celebrity impressions (Jared Leto, Harry Styles and Kid Rock, to name a few) have gone down a storm. Wheelan has gained a name for himself for his dark, sharp observations of American life.


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