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  • Commune with Nature on a Beautiful Wooden Bicycle: Bough Bikes

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    Bough Bikes

    Discover the unique experience of the Bough Bike. Enjoy the thoughtful and comfortable Dutch Design. Share the passion for simplicity and natural materials and feel closer to yourself and to nature.

    The bike is built out of oak wood with its origin in the French Jura area. These forests are managed with respect to the local eco system. Besides oak wood we prefer to use stainless steel and high quality parts. The robust frame and Big Apple tires lead to a comfortable driving experience. The Bough Bike has passed the TÜV Rheinland endurance test.

    Your personal Bough Bikes

    It is possible to personalize your own Bough Bike on our website. We offer three different steer heights and carriers for the front and rear of the bike. You can choose from various colours of tires and saddles. So don’t saddle for less!

    The Bough Bikes makes a striking appearance and therefore it is the ultimate advertising object. The natural urban look attracts the attention of loads of passengers. A Bough Bike advertising bike gives a positive boost to your reputation as a sustainable entrepreneur.

    Using Bough Bikes for company use allows you to enjoy a pleasant bike ride instead of a frustrating traffic jam while visiting nearby business relations. Furthermore it allows your employees to enjoy fresh air, daylight and some easy exercise. The bikes weights 20 kilo, identical to a standard bicycle and is sustainable, robust, weather and water resistant.

    Designer Jan Gunneweg

    Designer Jan Gunneweg designed the Bough Bike. Jan Gunneweg is a Dutch Designer with a passion for natural materials. As a child Jan developed his passion for wood while building tree houses. He discovered the special characteristics of wood: it’s strength, warmth hand flexibility.

    The wood designs by Jan Gunneweg are characterized by simplicity and functionality. Jan’s products bring together men and nature. This is a result of Jan’s main drive to bring people and nature into harmony. That’s what makes people happy. Happiness by Nature!

    That drive is the origin for the Bough Bike design. The Bough Bike is a wooden design bike with the comfort of a regular urban bike that makes you live the sensational freedom of nature. Riding an oak wooden Bough Bike lets you escape the jazz of the city to recognize and enjoy the beauty and nature that the city has to offer. That’s what makes you feel free and happy. Therefore Bough Bikes motto is: Be moved by nature!


    Bough Bikes will attend the Sunday Market: every first Sunday of the month in Amsterdam. If you are interested in the events that we attend, please take a look on our website: www.boughbikes.nl/evenementen/


    You can visit Bough Bikes at the Luttik Oudorp 114 in Alkmaar.

    Every weekday from 9:00 – 17:00hr and Saturdays from 10:00 – 17:00hr.

    Contact us

    +31 85 500 2000




    Luttik Oudorp 114

    1811 MZ Alkmaar


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